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Sep 2, 2006 01:30 PM

Saturday night dining at The Marais.

We're looking for suggestions and we'd like to keep it within our hotel area. We'll be there early next month.

We just need a good, no make that a very good, bistro fare for our last night in France. On previous trips, we've enjoyed L'Epi Dupin, L'Avant Gout and Au Bon Accueil.

Thank you.

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  1. Stayed in the Marais last December, heading back this December too. haed avery nice meal nearby at Chez Janou. Reasonable, lively, good vibe. Oh.. and delicious.

    1. Definitely Au Fil des Saisons for their 8 hour confit of duck. Hands-down one of my favorite restaurants, right near the Arts et Metier stop.

      1. Le Pamphlet in the 3rd, the food is similar to your above list but more comfortable and service not as rushed.
        Le Repaire de Courtouche in the 11e, the food is a bit earthier.

        1. We had a very nice, inexpensive meal at Le Petit Picard at 42, Rue de la Bretonnerie in the 4th. Everything we ordered was very good, but the warm chocolate cake for dessert was memorable and the waitstaff was lovely. The two guys at the next table even left us the rest of their bottle of wine.

          1. We just came back from Paris and stayed in the Bastille area (11th, a few blocks from the border with the 4th). Had several nice dinners in the Marais. If you haven't "done" Bofinger, you should make a point of it. It's visually a time capsule to the turn of the 20th Century -- stained glass dome in ceiling, adorable waiters in black & white and long white aprons, you get the drift. Food was terrific and by our (NYC) standards very reasonable. (Website is, and there appears to be 15% discount if you reserve on line.) We also stumbled on a tiny but bustling (packed) bistro called Camille (24 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, where we may have been the only tourists. Food and wine very good as well. Finally, for a jumping scene, we had dinner in a bistro called Cafe Tresor, on the Rue de Tresor, a dead end street. Very neighborhoody, lively feeling. Food was fine, not the most amazing, wine was great, and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere made the place well worth the visit. Bon appetit!