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Sep 2, 2006 07:42 AM

Favorite Chinatown Bakery?

What's your favorite Chinese bakery in Chinatown?

Things I usually buy:
- steamed or baked bbq pork buns
- "cocktail" buns, with a sweet coconut and egg yolk filling
- egg custard tarts
- curry beef or bbq pork turnovers
- steamed buns with chinese sausage inside
- baked curry beef buns
- coconut tarts

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  1. I like Hing Shing Bakery..67 Beach

    1. Bao Bao Ting next to Hong Kong Eatery on Harrison Ave. I just went there to get a stash of steamed bbq pork buns and egg tarts (they are the best! with a flaky crust and tender custard that's not too sweet). They also have all kinds of baked buns and all the other usual chinese bakery items.

      1. I second the Bao Bao nomination. In addition to their traditional chinese treats, the cranberry almond bread is out of this world!!!