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Sep 2, 2006 05:52 AM

Century City French 75... Open?

I swear I thought I saw some people go in... were they going in for finishing touches or, are the finishing touches done and they're open??

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  1. I thought it looked open, too. Call 310-788-0700 the Century City number or go to website, they may have more details. You might also check

    Let us know, can't wait to go.

    1. It's open. And here's the correct link:

      Please report back if you go!

      1. Oh stay far far away. I had a 75 dollar disaster of a meal there. Coq au vin that Denny's could do better: raw vegetables and stringy bits of boneless chicken thigh ina goopy salty brown sauce. Overpriced (for the pour) mediocre wine. There were three tables sitting near me and ALL THREE sent something back. It's a theme restaurant all right and the theme is: Customers are Suckers.