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Ella's Uncle(Discovered this place yesterday)

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Located at 916 Dundas Street West just east of Ossington and of the Lakeview Lunch (or shall I say the New Lakeview Lunch, as their menu mentions it?) is a gem of a coffee shop that has opened back in April of the current year. The brainchild of former ad industry worker Jennifer Hedley and business partner Mike Craig, Ella's Uncle is named after Mike, whose niece Ella can be seen on pictures adorning the cafe's refrigerator. It is a hole in the wall that I would have easily missed walking by if there had not been a sign advertising for "killer lemonade this way"!. Sure enough. I entered a small yet bright space, all in white and yellow and divided in two a kitchen/service space behind the counter, where are located an oven, a fridge, coffee making paraphernalia and other necessary items to the running of this kind of establishment. The smaller part of the space is for the customers, a few stools and a counter. most business seems to be of the takeout nature

The coffee is fair trade, the teas are organic, lemonade is made in house and so are the goodies. And what baking! Jennifer confessed to me that she has self-taught herself baking for the purpose of running the cafe. She does a great job: these were the most amazing peanut butter cookies I had ever tasted. Fresh, buttery, melt in your mouth little wonders. Truly what homemade cookies should taste like. Other items are available, the most intriguing being the crack cookie, combining oatmeal, fruits, nuts and all kinds of goodies. Oh and the espresso is one of the best I have had in Toronto.

You have to try this place, folks! Whether you live around there or are just passing by, give Ella's Uncle a chance and you'll soon want to be part of the family!

Ella's Uncle: 916 Dundas Street West 416-703-8881.

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  1. I can vouch for this place, too. It's simple and tiny, but I had a really outstanding cappuccino there and the service was very friendly.

    They also had some sort of cookie/biscuit thing with tons of whole berries that looked great. Maybe the 'crack cookie' the orginal poster mentioned? I didn't get one because I didn't want to break a $20 bill, but I regretted it as soon as I tasted the quality of the cappuccino.

    Check it out if you're in the area.

    1. I popped into this place today, so easy to miss. I had a really lovely latte and a gorgeous cheese scone .. it is quite the little nook of a place and the service was excellent.

      1. found their crack cookie dry, overly sweet and completely forgettable. certainly does not live up to the name.

        1. The berry biscuits were hard and dry, mildly reminiscent of doughboys cooked on the fire at summer camp.

          1. Oh no you have revealed another secret on Dundas W!

            1. Just east of Ossington? It's a bit more than that, by about 5 blocks. The espresso is all right, but their idea of a long espresso versus what a long espresso is are two wildly different things. I'll stick to Cafe Brasiliano across the street.

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                Yes, quite a bit east of Ossingtom ... at Manning or thereabouts.