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Sep 2, 2006 04:32 AM

If you were Jacques Pépin you would salivate too

Ever watch Fast Food My Way with Jacques Pépin? I can't help but notice that he is always salivating. Maybe it's just a 'conditional reflex'... (as outlined in the Wiki link below). If I were Jacques, I'd salivate too. (knowing what rewards awaited after each taping...those great eats). IMO, he epitomizes a truly excellent chef. His skills are evident in his dishes and in his preparation of them. I find the slurping slash salivating entertaining.



Very entertaining with Julia...remember those?

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  1. Cheese Boy, Yes, Jacques is a class act. Trained in the old school; he puts 90% of the Food Network hacks to shame. (Not Mario, mind you.) If you can find a copy of "Lutece" by Andre` Soltner, pick it up. You'll be immersed in the "how to" of the Ancient French Ways. Well worth seeking out on the Chowhound journey.

    1. His autobiography "The Apprentice" is a worthwhile read too, quite fascinating.

      1. Yes, I've noticed the salivating too.
        He is the best. Absolutement!
        I'm ready for a new show from him. I've seen each episode of FFMW at least 5 times by now.
        We need more Jacques Pepin!
        Maybe he and his buddy Claude could have one.

        1. I second Debbie W's recommendation of "The Apprentice." JP left school and started working in professional kitchens when he was a mere child. Fourteen, maybe?

          He's had a fascinating career, ranging from cooking for Charles de Gaulle, to re-vamping the central commisary of Howard Johnson's.

          And managing to earn Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Columbia along the way.

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            Just finished The Apprentice and I third the rec.

          2. He also has that great book about cooking technique, which is his tremendous foundation.

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              Two technique books -- La Technique and La Methode. They were my introduction to Pepin and to much of French cooking. Simply terrific books, even if you never try the techniques yourself, it's wonderful to see such clear pictures of how things are done.