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Sep 2, 2006 03:26 AM


since stroh's is gone, did anyone pick up their goebel (fine french beer - haha) brand? is it available anywhere? my grandfather used to drink it regularly - cellar temperature. i don't think that i have had on in 20+ years. great memories.

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  1. Before going out of business in the late 90's, Stroh (which had grown by buying Schlitz & Schaefer) had purchased many of the brands of the Heileman Brewing Company (a company that owned many old local and regional beer brands, after years of mergers and purchases).

    So, by the time Pabst (which was really the old Falstaff/General/Pearl company aka S&P, which had purchased Pabst) took over those brands, there were a LOT of beer brands owned by the same company. (Miller bought a few of them, as well, Hamms, Weinhart, Mickey's, Old English).

    Many brands, especially "secondary" and "budget" brands were dropped along the way (especially since they were turning many of the once famous brands they owned *into* budget brands) and continue to be dropped (like Ballantine India Pale Ale, Ballantine Beer, Falstaff, etc) and, to a much lesser extent, some have been sold (most notably, Rheingold and Narragansett). Check Pabst website for the brands they market (altho' not all are listed there apparently) . The beers themselves are contract-brewed by Miller, City, The Lion, etc.

    It would seem likely that the brand 'Goebel' is owned by Pabst and, at this point, unlikely that any brewer would be interested in the name (the original Goebel brewery having gone out of business in mid-60's, it's not like there are a lot of old Goebel drinkers around still missing their beer or that Goebel has any sort of nostalgia to the beer geek) but stranger things have happened in the US brewing industry. In general, tho', attempts at reviving old brands by micros hasn't been too successful (Acme seemingly being the exception).

    1. I don't think Stroh's is gone just yet. Check the pabst website link posted above to find out what states its distributed in.

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        "Stroh", the beer is still marketed by Pabst, brewed by Miller.

        "Stroh" as in the Stroh Brewery Company (which also owned and brewed the brand Goebel, a cross town rival beer brand which it bought in the 1960's) is "gone"- having gone out of business in 1999, after having closed it's "home" brewery in Detroit in the 80's.

      2. Hey Xman....
        Goebel's was my Dad's beer......It was the first beer I ever tasted.....I loved it...

        Now I don't know....But I would swear that Pabst has brought it back.........But packaged as Pabst Genuine Draft...

        Try one and see if it brings back some of those "great memories"....It does for me...

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          My grandfather was the master brewer for Goebel until 1951. As I understood it from my dad, Goebel was once a great beer, and at the time my grandfather was the brewmaster, it was considered a very good and prominant beer in Detroit. They were a primary sponsor of the Detroit Tigers as well. I think that once Stroh's took it over, some time after my grandfather was there, it became a second rate beer. My grandfather's name was Herman Zerweck.

          1. re: Winston Smith

            Thanks for posting this idea, I'm gonna pick some up...I discovered Goebel about 5 years ago, RIGHT WHEN it had been discontinued and stores were selling off the last of it. Maybe I should be ashamed to say it but it was the most agreeable-tasting beer I'd ever had, and have since found no brand - domestic, foreign, micro, none - that was as pleasant (I know, I just have a thing for weak beer).

            As I say I've tried lots of others, but not nearly all that are out there. In case PGD isn't quite like Goebel for me, are there any other brands anyone can suggest that might be similar (short of corn flakes soaked in mineral water...I do have some limits). Thanks in advance,