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Sep 2, 2006 02:56 AM

Le Creuset at Marshalls

For anyone searching for a bargain, I was at Marshalls (San Diego) this evening and saw a decent collection of round and oval Le Creuset pots (flame, blue and kiwi). 4 quart pots for $79.99, 5 quarts for $129.99. Also a good selection of ceramic bakeware. They are clearly marked "Le Creuset Seconds", but except for a bid of minor unevenness on the edges of the porcelain, they look great. No chips, either.

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  1. I've bought several good quality cookware pieces at Marshall's -- a cuisinart baking sheet/jelly roll pan, and some fine ceramic casserole type dishes. Also several bowls. And I just got a terrific Analon nonstick smallish skillet that is heavy and cooks eggs like a dream.

    1. Divamac, It is my understanding that Le Creuset is discontinuing the blue color. (Why they would do that mystifies me.) If true, Hounds that want to complete their collections in blue should act now.

      1. Check TJMaxx too. Marshall's and TJM are owned by the same umbrella co. Why discontinue blue? Because they want to market colors to the current designer pushed color palette. I think in France you get the orignal flame and that is it. I own one falme piece I bought in 1973 and the rest is dark green or white except for my 1989 version of the blue that was current then in a terrine. Luckily I have more LC than I know what to do with so I can ignore current trends.I tend to be a bit of an iconoclast anyway and don't pay attention to what the fashionistas and buyers are trying to push. Lucky me.

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          If you have a Home Goods(also owned by same people as TJ and Marshalls) store in your area, you can ck. them too. They also have some great deals on LeCreuset and other cookware.

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            Yeah, I totally agree about HomeGoods, and if you look carefully, you too can find amazing deals like me!!!

            6-3/4 quart oval in Cherry Red - $80
            2 quart round in matte black - $30

            I've bought so many deals I can't keep track of them!!!!

        2. I occasionally see Le Creuset highly discounted at Tuesday Morning (