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Sep 2, 2006 02:56 AM

Lobby's Tasting Menu - Worth a try?!

At $200 with wines, the 7 courses tasting menu offers by Lobby is one of the most expensive tasing menu in town. Has any fellow chowhound given it a try? I understand chef Robert Bragagnolo is another practitioner of 'smallish size molecular gastronomy'. How does his version compares to say Sen5es and/or Perigee's, tastewise?! Thanks in advance!

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  1. The chef, Robert Bragagnolo has left Lobby and will be starting at Eight Restolounge this fall. Lobby has given up the focus created by Bragagnolo and is set to unveil a new chef next week in time for the film festival.

    1. And Claudio Aprile is also leaving (may have left) Sen5es, and the tasting menu there is suffering.

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        I believe Claudio leaves at the end of September - too bad because I believe Claudio was Senses and won't be easy to replace.

      2. Wow!! Thanks for the timely info!! Guess, to play safe, I'll stick with Splendido instead.

        1. lobby has had it's liquor license suspended and is currently closed for renos