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Sep 2, 2006 02:38 AM

Recommendations for a superb Italian resto in Toronto with great wine list?

Which resto would you recommend?

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    1. Try the one across from sherway gardens, I believe they have a whole wine cellar in the resto......Via Allegro, they are always getting amazing reviews for their food as well!

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        Via Allegro has a truly world class wine list, with over 5000 selections. 600+ scotches too, if you're a fan. The cuisine is best described as "continental/Italian". Emphasis is on fresh fish, lamb and veal. The veal chop is truly amazing, the best I've had by far. Some great dinners for 2, including chateaubriand and a mixed grill of sorts.

        For a more intimate restaurant, you might consider Zucca on Yonge, south of Eglington. They have an interesting menu that features the cuisine of Umbria. Some very tasty, unusual and homemade pastas, too. Great choices and reasonable mark-ups on their wine list.

        1. re: bogie

          I was recently at Via Allegro and IMHO, it can't touch Zucca. Zucca is small, with impecable and friendly service, and great food at reasonable (for the city) prices. Via Allegro is huge, impersonal, outrageously priced and so loud once they fill up that you have to shout to be heard across the table. But if you really know your wines and want to spend the money, Allegro's wine list is so massive they practically have to wheel it around the restaurant.

          At Allegro, the average meat entree is between $35 - 50 (market prices). The tasting menu is $98 per person (without wine pairings). I had the lamb trio and found it quite underwhelming for the $50 price. It lacked flavour. My husband had their "signature" veal chop (also around the 50$ mark) and didn't find it particularly special. We were there on a Tuesday night and the place was filled with very large tables. The service for our little trio suffered from beginning to end as the wait staff tried to set up tables and serve the increasing number of large tables.

          If you have a huge expense account and want to impress a business associate and not have to spend too much time talking to them, pick Allegro. If you want great food and memorable service for reasonable prices, pick Zucca.

          You can check out their wine list on line:

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