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Sep 2, 2006 01:33 AM

Football Season is here, good food and alocohol specials in Philly??

Finally, football is back!! I haven't seen too many specials yet, but what are your favortie spots to watch the games and some good food and alcohol specials??

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  1. West Philly try Upper Deck on Sansom ST (i think). Also, White Dog Thurs-Sun 10-12pm has a good special on pints, right next door to Upper Deck.

    If you want to be with a younger crowd try Blarney Stone or Smokey Joe's.

    1. well, I guess no one is really interested in such a post...however here are some deals I found for tomorrow and I'm sure these establishments have similar deals on Sunday's too.
      Buffalo Billiards-$2 Coor's Light Drafts, $2 Well drink, 1/2 price wings(special is over after PSU-ND game)

      Irish Pub- $2 Coor's Light Drafts, $.25 wings by the lb.

      Fox and the Hound - $2.30 Moloson drafts(on Monday's they have a similar beer special and $.35 wings)

      McGillin's -now open on Sunday's and they have a special where you buy a souvenier mug and the first beer is on them, every beer after that with your mug is $1.(Think the first week is Bud Light)

      These are the places I like to go to watch games, if anyone cares to give anymore input that would be great. If not I'll update when I find out some more info. I wish Philadelphia Weekly and Citypaper did a special on this topic...Maybe the poster who's friend works for the paper can let them know there is a demand.

      1. There is an eagles page in PW.

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          Saw the Eagles page, pretty weak overall, but better than nothing. Thanks

        2. I usually go to Fox & Hound and don't eat, good drink specials though sometimes it's for stuff like $2 for 22 oz. of Budweiser Select. Though other times it's Blue Moon or something decent.

          Also, as a fan of college football as well, they've got the most games.

          1. i care! (hence the name nittany)

            tend to watch psu at home but hubby and i are fantasy football geeks so we like to go out to a place with the nfl ticket.

            b&w in the best western in the art museum area has a good setup and a lively crowd, ok beer and terrible food (not much in the way of specials)

            if you don't mind driving we've been going Bergey's Sports Bar in conshy (rtight off the exit off 76). Really good wings and cheap beer. Huge with lots of tv's, and best of all for us (we now have an 8 month old to take with us) a dining room that is smoke free with about 25 tvs and all the games (if you smoke though there are plenty of places to do it, just this one area is smoke free)

            have fun!