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Bologna or baloney

This much maligned meat can be used in sandwiches or used for higher purposes when it is BBQ'Q whole or grilled in big chunks. I have lots of detractors but what say you?


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  1. I had completely forgotten, but the late & lamented Jake & Earl's in Cambridge (MA) used to make a barbecued bologna sandwich that was phenomenally good - maybe because it's such a weird spongily porous meat-substance it has more bits for the smoke to stick to? (Hmmm... and now, years later, I have a smoker of my own...)

    1. We like it on egg sandwiches, cooked on a flat grill until it puffs up.

      1. Fried mercifully and rolled in a corn tortilla.

        1. In the South - around Nashville and southern Kentucky, at least - fried bologna as a breakfast meat is fairly common diner fare. My mom also used to make us fried bologna sandwiches. Tex's BBQ in Nashville offers a pretty good barbecued bologna, served as big chunks swimming in a spicy smoky sauce. And my brother has been known to make ham salad using bologna instead.

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            Here in Southern Ky I did have fried bolonga with a onion and mustard on as fresh as you can get it white bread for breakfast this morning!Even though it was breakfast I had grippo bbq chips too!

          2. when i lived in sweden, my exchange host's mom used to make us fried falukorv, which is basically the same thing as bologna, but smaller (thinner). she'd cut it up into inch-long chunks, fry it up in a skillet, and serve it with ketchup and boiled potatoes. greasy heaven.

            1. Anyone been to the Cozy Corner in Memphis? BBQ baloney that will blow your mind.

              1. Its good with bbq sauce and slaw on bread.

                1. Fry slices in a pan until they puff like s stetson. Pile on top of each other and place a slice of american cheese. A little mustard and maybe some cole slaw on a hard roll.

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                    i grew up on fried balogna sandwiches with american cheese. When I started cooking them for myself (12 or 13 y.o.), I discovered the joy of fried cheese. While the balogna is frying, I placed several slices of cheese in the pan to get crunchy. If done right, I'd scoop the cheese into a pile that is crunchy and chewy and toasty good! Serve the fried cheese along side a sandwich of fried bologna with melted cheese, mustard and sweet relish on white bread. God, i loved that! It's at least 10 years since I've had one of those. I was never able to convince anyone else to eat the fried cheese, though.

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                      Make it cheddar instead of American cheese and add some red onion and it's my mother's old Flying Saucer Sandwich. Because of the shape of the bologna.

                    2. Boar's Head bologna on Pepperidge Farm white bread with mayonnaise. Add a glass of milk and I'm all set. It's the lunch my grandma used to give us when we stayed with her. I could murder one of those now!

                      1. I still make this from 50 years ago. German bologna cut in eights, fried until brown to dark brown. I seperate all the pieces. Cook onions, garlic, green red orange pepper, in oil, mushrooms added. Parsley, basil, oregano added. Small can of tomatoe sauce added. Added together, cooked for 30-40 minutes. Use on rolls for sandwiches. Try it, you'll like it.

                        1. Fry it, as mentioned above, until it resembles a Stetson. Then fill the cavity with mashed potatoes.