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Sep 2, 2006 01:02 AM

Bologna or baloney

This much maligned meat can be used in sandwiches or used for higher purposes when it is BBQ'Q whole or grilled in big chunks. I have lots of detractors but what say you?


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  1. I had completely forgotten, but the late & lamented Jake & Earl's in Cambridge (MA) used to make a barbecued bologna sandwich that was phenomenally good - maybe because it's such a weird spongily porous meat-substance it has more bits for the smoke to stick to? (Hmmm... and now, years later, I have a smoker of my own...)

    1. We like it on egg sandwiches, cooked on a flat grill until it puffs up.

      1. Fried mercifully and rolled in a corn tortilla.

        1. In the South - around Nashville and southern Kentucky, at least - fried bologna as a breakfast meat is fairly common diner fare. My mom also used to make us fried bologna sandwiches. Tex's BBQ in Nashville offers a pretty good barbecued bologna, served as big chunks swimming in a spicy smoky sauce. And my brother has been known to make ham salad using bologna instead.

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            Here in Southern Ky I did have fried bolonga with a onion and mustard on as fresh as you can get it white bread for breakfast this morning!Even though it was breakfast I had grippo bbq chips too!

          2. when i lived in sweden, my exchange host's mom used to make us fried falukorv, which is basically the same thing as bologna, but smaller (thinner). she'd cut it up into inch-long chunks, fry it up in a skillet, and serve it with ketchup and boiled potatoes. greasy heaven.