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Sep 2, 2006 12:23 AM

torta de aceite

I picked up a package of 6 of these individually wrapped crisp breads at the wine store tonight, withought really reading the label. They looked like they would be good for cheese. Then, I opened one up and read the label -- they are not at all good for cheese, and they are an unbelievably delicious crisp bread, made with flour and anise and sesame seed, and sprinkled with sugar. The anise flavor is just strong enough, the sugar is crunchy and partially carmelized -- the whole thing goes way beyond sweet and salty into some perfect flavor combination. So now I'm hooked. I've found an on-line source: and have learned that they are a traditional Spanish crispbread Has anyone else discovered these little cracker miracles?

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  1. I've seen them here in NYC at Murray's cheese store - but not tried them yet - sound wonderful!

    1. They are very rich in olive oil and also come in a savory version.

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        I see this is an old thread; I've been eating these for years too, but didn't until a few months ago realize there was a sweet version. Far prefer the savory myself.

      2. Both sweet and savory versions are available at the counter of Cafe Reverie, a cafe next door to (and owned by) Say Cheese in SF. Vey nice snack.

        1. Oh yes, these are an afternoon snack (merienda) staple in our house. They come from AndalucĂ­a. This the brand that I like:

          1. I love them too! :) In Mexico they are often made with lard so they get an extra porky edge to them! :)

            And they are actually good ALONG with cheese, just not spreaded WITH cheese. I love them after eating a chunk of strong waxy cheese to help uncoat my mouth! :)