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umm, your front page has turned me off food for life?

...it's really gross and midwestern-oriented (cream of mushroom soup? minnesota?)...and your design is super clunky and unintuitive.
good luck!

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  1. What did you see that referred to cream of mushroom soup - I missed that.

    And - what's wrong with Minnesota?

    1. Excuse me...... what is wrong with the Midwest?? I am so curious where you're from and how you judge the "Midwest"
      Anxiously waiting to hear from you!

      1. I hope you enjoy your remaining days...

        1. If you think the new design is clunky and unintuitive, you should have seen the site _before_ the redesign. Not to mention the server being so slow that the site was barely usable. Actually, I think Chowhound is great since the redesign.

          1. No need to bash the Midwest, but I do agree that some of the photos are gross. The steak salad with tomato vinaigrette looks greyish-purple on my screen and very unappetizing. The photos in "killer apps" make the food look like they're made out of plastic like the models in Japanese restaurants with unnatural colors.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              What pictures are you people talking about??


            2. Yes, I'm sorry; I didn't really mean to bash the midwest, but I was so repulsed by the piece on "hotdish" (primary components: tater tots and cream of mushroom soup, and possibly hot dogs?)which at one point was on the front page of the site that I reacted rashly. Much disgusting food is consumed in America; do we really need to celebrate that?

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              1. re: LESismore

                Heheh, I added a link to the old thread on the hotdish I prepared to take to a wine dinner in San Francisco and the photo.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Where is this link? Tater tots and cream of mushroom soup sounds totally
                  tasty! I'm not finding it on the Chow site anywere.

                  1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                    Here's a link to the hotdish on a stick piece.
                    I had mistakenly thought that the previous two comments were looking for a photo of traditional hotdish, since there is a link in the article that opens up the stick version.

                2. re: LESismore

                  OK - I missed that - but I give you that one - that sounds repulsive and need not be celebrated.