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So. Cal. beach restaurants [moved from California board]

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We will be going to Malibu or ? this coming Sunday, for walking on the beach, possibly swimming and sunning. We had thought we'd go to Paradise Cove, as it's directly on the beach and there's no need to go home and change clothes to dine there. BUT I know it'll be hugely crowded. Are there any other similar places that we could go for dinner with our t-shirts and salty hair?

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    1. I second Neptune's Net. PD is gonna be jammed all weekend. (Plus, i think it's way too much $ for what it is - especially when it's crowded.)

      Pitchers of beer and the Neptune smapler...Aaaahhhh.

        1. Malibu Seafood or Duke's

          1. The Reel Inn is a nice setting but pretty awful food. Dukes is super crowded on weekends. I would not choose it on a Sunday, parking would be a nightmare. My preferance for Dukes is a weekday afternoon when no-one's there.

            In the same location as Reel Inn is Cholada Thai cuisine - EXCELLENT food, and very casual; no problems with sand in your shoes. It's on PCH just west of The Reel Inn, just west of Topanga Canyon Blvd. Some of the best Thai food I've had.

            Further out in Malibu I like Malibu Seafood. Much better, I think, than Neptune's Net. It's between Pepperdine and Escondido. If you're into beach hiking or mountain hiking, you can park your car here and take a hike up the bluff; then go right to the restaurant afterwards. We love the fried clams, but the broiled fish selections are also good. Check out the upper patio, if you can get a window table its the best view.

            Also, for good dining, still casual but a little higher end is Allegria. Very good Italian/Mediterranean food in a nice setting. Very cozy in the evening. This is excellent cuisine. No views, though, if you want a beach setting.

            Some very nice high end restaurants in Cross Creek area with really good food and a casual atmosphere; Taverna Tony's is a lot of fun, and the outdoor tables are the best. You can certainly hang out here with sand in your shoes. You'll see some celebs, or at least people who look like they rub elbows with celebs. They have huge entree portions. We prefer to order a handful of appetizers to share. The grilled octopus is to die for. Service is very friendly and welcoming.

            We like to drink cocktails and eat appetizers at the Chart House, just east (south) of Topanga Canyon Blvd., but I think it's mostly due to convenience and the beauty of the setting. The food is mediocre -- OK but not worth going to the high end of the menu. The setting is quite lovely, especially if you can get a table by the window and watch the dolphins cavort inthe surf.