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Sep 1, 2006 11:32 PM

Is Doug Fir worth it? Also, good Vietnamese in PDX?

I'll be in PDX soon and want to take my sister out for a groovy dinner, good food, good atmosphere, not TOO expensive but a little is ok. Doug Fir seems to get a lot of attention. She's a 30-something coolio, I'm an almost 50 used-to-be-coolio. Is this place a good choice? Other recommendations?

Also, my parents like Vietnamese, and they always want to go to the same place on Sandy Blvd. I'd like to branch out ... suggestions?

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  1. My favorite right now for Vietnamese in Banh Cuon Tanh Dinh at Fubonn Shopping Center. Get the various banh, like banh khot or the bo lot (sp?) or the banh cuon or the banh xeo. Fresh herbs and lettuce to roll everything up in, plus rice sheets.

    If they like spicy, I'd also suggest Bun Bo Hue on 82nd. Everything I've had there has been very good and the namesake dish is easily the best I've had in town. Best salad rolls I've had too. It's a little divish, but shouldn't be a problem if the place on Sandy they go to is Pho Oregon or Yen Ha.

    1. Strongly second the rec for Banh Cuon Tanh Dinh. Ask Tai, the owner, for "the special" - tasty small ground beef sausages with other veggies and herbs and rice sheets.

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        Yep, that's the one that I was talking about. I think it's the bo lot. It's on the catering menu, but not the normal menu. It's really good.

      2. Thanks! Yes, Yen Ha is my mother's favorite spot. I've been to Pho Oregon, not bad ... tho the decor is donut shop modern!

        1. I see no one answered your question about Doug Fir. I've eaten breakfast/brunch there several times and I've always found the food disappointing, although if you like inexpensive, it would fill that bill. Also, if you like retro atmosphere with a twist, this is the place.

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            Yeah I've also found the food disapppointing at Doug Fir, I don't live in Portland but I am there a lot for work, etc. I went once for breaky and once for lunch and other than the decor (which sustains you about 15 minutes) it was on both occasions forgettable.

          2. I have eaten at Doug Fir twice and have not enjoyed either experience. It IS, however, a pretty cool space. Maybe stop in for a drink and enjoy the interior then head somewhere else to eat...