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Sep 1, 2006 11:08 PM

Looking for something ethnic in Cerritos

I'll be picking up a visiting friend at the Sheraton in Cerritos. I'm not familiar with the area and would like suggestions for a not so expensive, casual, fun, ethnic food place.

Please help. Thanks!

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    1. re: russkar

      Renu's a great choice!

      I read here that they're closing that Renu Nakorn strip mall for renovation sometime soon. Don't recall the details, but you might wanna call first.

      BTW, Cerritos is an enclave rich in Indian, Philippino, and Korean chow.

      1. re: Professor Salt

        Renu is closing in Oct or ?, not even they know?

    2. Drive about one mile east from the Walled White Bread City to Artesia Blvd. in Artesia. South of the 91 fwy is Little India, home of dozens of eateries. Check out this recent post or search for 'Artesia' and 'Indian' to get some options.
      For regional Mexican try Enrique's, 17244 Downey Ave., Bellflower for the food of Jalisco.
      Seriously, let's hear from a Cerritos resident who can identify a decent (ethnic) restaurant in the city.

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      1. re: DiveFan

        "Walled White Bread City": Not sure what that means, as Cerritos is a very ethnically diverse city.

        Anyway, very late but might help others who 'search', but my picks as a resident of Cerritos:

        -BBQ: Corner Place (Gridley just south of South St) for BBQ. Not as hip & crazy busy as the K-town branch, but still good. Has table grills. Has small room for private parties (may 50 or so?).
        -Tofu: Cho Dang (Artesia Bl near Norwalk Bl). Always packed esp during chilly nights. Can't go wrong w/ Beef or Kimchee beef tofu. Free ice cream's a plus to cool down the belly.
        -Dumplings: Hwang Hae Do (southwest strip mall on corner of Pioneer and Artesia Blvds) for "giant dumplings". Checked it out based on a L.A. Times review & liked it a lot. Others were eating a variety of fare. Always fairly crowded. Can order frozen dumplings to go.

        Japanese: Nothing great. There's some cookie-cutter places like Kabuki (South St & Gridley) or Yasai (Town Center near the 91). Building a Nikko sushi in the Town Center, which I believe is a branch of a popular restaurant in the La Habra area. We usually drive down to Cypress for better Japanese though.

        Italian: Closest thing to it is Macaroni Grill, otherwise fogettaboutit.

        Vietnamese: Best is probably Super Pho (or Super Bowl?) on Pioneer just south of South St. Always crowded & suprisingly good. Not Westminster-cheap, but excellent eats, even per my Vietnamese friends. I usually stick with the Pho, so can't really comment on the rice or vermicelli dishes. For baguette sandwiches, there's a Lee's Sandwiches in Artesia on Pioneer near the Ranch 99, which has hit/miss quality.

        Chinese: Sam Woo BBQ or the sitdown restaurant (Pioneer & South St) is a fairly safe bet. Down the street in Artesia, Ten Ten's (on Pioneer near Ranch 99 Market) good for dim sum & other goods.

        Thai: There's a Thai Original BBQ in a strip mall across from the Cerritos mall on 183rd. Pretty standard fare & reliable. Get the BBQ chicken. Best though, only a short drive away in Norwalk is Renu Nakorn (on Rosecrans near Shoemaker). Unfortunately, it's closed for remodeling. Not sure when it's gonna reopen.

        Indian: Go to nearby Artesia along Pioneer Blvd. I haven't experimented much, but The India Restaurant was good. Try Little India Grill (Pioneer Bl near 183rd) for cheap to-go fare.