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Sep 1, 2006 10:38 PM

[austin] Seeking Authentic Greek ...

My husband and I are heading to Austin the week of our nine year anniversary in September. It's been ages since we lived in Texas and even longer since we've been to Austin. He's part Greek and I'd love to find an authentic Greek restaurant to celebrate the occasion. I'm not looking for belly dancers and greasy gyros ... I'm looking for the real deal.

Can anyone help?

Romantic would be great, but fab food would be even better. If anyone can turn me on to a place that has both, I'll name my first born after you! ;)

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  1. There is the Athenian Grill downtown (Colorado) and Tino's out on 183. And there is Zorbas in Round Rock, but they put hummus on every plate (to make it look generous), that that's like putting pineapple on a plate of spaghetti. But if you come from a place like Chicago or Milwaukee, these places (not to mention some Gyro's stands and a couple sit-down cafes) don't hold a candle to authentic Greek eating. We lived in Milwaukee for a number of years and I was always amazed at the proliferation of Greek Family Restaurants which have sprung up all over the area. In the better ones, they (in addition to an extensive generic menu) have a whole insert sheet (changed daily) of authentic Greek dishes. I ask myself why none of these places has decided to open a restaurant in Austin. They would make a mint. We never miss a chance to go back to our favorite haunts on Halsted Street in Chicago where many of the same waiters have been serving us for two decades. But here in Austin, we languish.

    1. I cannot say if it is authentic Greek or not, but I have enjoyed eating at Konstantinos, which is just barely west of Bastrop., check it out.

      1. One of my favorite resturaunts overall would be Zorba's Greek in Round Rock. It is nothing special, but the food is fabulous. BYO bottle of wine to enjoy, and eat up! Almost everything I've eaten there is fabulous - you can't go wrong with the vegetarian mousaka (if you like eggplant) and the kefthkes (I think I spelled that right!). There meat is always great and you can't beat the bottomless pita bread! It's in Round Rock off of I-35 north. Coming from Austin take the SH-45 exit and stay on the access road. It is located in the large Wal-Mart shopping center. Like I said, it is nothing special - just a small hole-in-the-wall, but the food is great!