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Inexpensive BYOB Place in LA

Hello all, my little group of 6 is really into BYOW (wine) restaurants right now. Feeling a little been there done that about the spots we know of though (Doughboys, Le Creperie, Kathmandu Kitchen). Any suggestions, Chowhounds?

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  1. The only reason to eat at Alejo's is to BYOW.

    That's harsh. Almost the only reason -- sometimes I'm in the mood for the bread and garlic and sometimes I like the food, too.

    On Lincoln, at Washington in Venice.

    It's cheap, too.

    And everyone brings their own wine. Except me. I bring my own beer.

    1. Here's one list for Santa Monica.
      If you search for low corkage, you'll find a bunch more threads.

      1. I believe that Alegria, the Mexican place on Sunset in Echo Park/Silver Lake, is BYOB. And they've got excellent food, to boot.

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          Alegria is BYOB -as is Gingergrass (conveniently located across the street from Silver Lake Wine), but corkage is $7

        2. mao's kitchen in venice.
          they serve california-chinese food--NOT authentic chinese food for which you need to go east.
          also, they are open late.

          1. banderas, houstons and gulfstream.

            1. All of the Pinot/Patina Group restaurants have a no-corkage policy, except Patina at Disney Hall.

              1. you can byob at clementine in century city as long as you're discreet. downsides--they close at 730 during the week, parking's hell, and the service can be spotty.

                upsides-- chocolate chip cookies (ask to get them warmed up) and corn, green bean and tomato salad.

                alejo's isn't bad. it just isn't spectacular. but isn't that part of what wine is for? besides, most people i go there with (myself included) fill up on the bread and don't have room for much in the way of an entree. and then there are people who just like candy-sweet "red" sauce.

                1. Sorry for such an unimaginative reply however, Cafe Bizou has practically made an entire business model on their low corkage fee.
                  Certainly, this is not the best restaurant in LA but some of the food is good. Seafood, in particular, seems to be a strong suit. I tend to like the tuna tartare app and the sand dabs main - their salads are good too.
                  Mostly though, it is the reasonable prices along with the corkage policy that gets me in the door.

                  1. i've been to doughboys, alegria and bandera but i think the best BYOB place is la buca on melrose (x wilton). YUMM

                    1. Girasole
                      2251⁄2 N. Larchmont Blvd.
                      (bet. Beverly Blvd. & 3rd St. in Hancock Park)

                      Very good, reasonably priced Italian, BYOB, no corkage.

                      1. Your question is confusing. I know of only 2 places that do not allow BYOW in LA (The Ivy & La Botte) also when it was open Bastide nixed BYOW. So is your question a matter of tariff? Most places are $15-$25/btl, which if you are a collector is deal. There are some in the sub $10/btl range. IMHO, the greatest corkage $/food ratio is at Bistro K in S. Pas. Nothing can beat them for value/quality.