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Sep 1, 2006 10:33 PM

Inexpensive BYOB Place in LA

Hello all, my little group of 6 is really into BYOW (wine) restaurants right now. Feeling a little been there done that about the spots we know of though (Doughboys, Le Creperie, Kathmandu Kitchen). Any suggestions, Chowhounds?

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  1. The only reason to eat at Alejo's is to BYOW.

    That's harsh. Almost the only reason -- sometimes I'm in the mood for the bread and garlic and sometimes I like the food, too.

    On Lincoln, at Washington in Venice.

    It's cheap, too.

    And everyone brings their own wine. Except me. I bring my own beer.

    1. Here's one list for Santa Monica.
      If you search for low corkage, you'll find a bunch more threads.

      1. I believe that Alegria, the Mexican place on Sunset in Echo Park/Silver Lake, is BYOB. And they've got excellent food, to boot.

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          Alegria is BYOB -as is Gingergrass (conveniently located across the street from Silver Lake Wine), but corkage is $7

        2. mao's kitchen in venice.
          they serve california-chinese food--NOT authentic chinese food for which you need to go east.
          also, they are open late.

          1. banderas, houstons and gulfstream.