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Sep 1, 2006 10:30 PM

Need a meal to go with a 99 Brunello

I'll eat anything, and have access to everything from veal to elk roasts. Rabbit might be hard to find, but I've been thinking it would go well...if I can get my wife to get past visions of her childhood pet.
My cooking skills are more than 'good', but I haven't mastered the five sauces. I'll be cooking for four people. I was thinking of having a Reggiano or Gran Padano cheese with a simple white as an appy, then moving to a .....(this is where my mind went in 47 different directions, and I'm still picking up pieces).
All suggestions welcome.

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  1. hello, bison or grass fed/organic beef is closest to the kind of meat that often shows up on Tuscan tables with that wine, if you wish to stick to the tried and true. enjoy

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      Thanks! I'm thinking slow cooker roast with potatoes, onions, and carrots if I go that route....simple food would let the wine dominate the meal...hmmm.
      Thanks again for the suggestion.

    2. I strongly recommend a local Tuscan speciality of Malfatti--literally translated as badly made gnocchi--artisanal spinach and ricotta creation --no carbs/Atkins anyone?--I would suggest to serve them with just melted butter and fresh sage . The flavors of sage and the aromas of Brunello, specifically those of succulent dried rose petals are to die for.

      1. i would go the slow cooked/brown food route, if it's not too hot where you are. lamb shanks or beef short ribs, with mushroom risotto/polenta, strain and reduce the braising liquid as a sauce... mmmhmmm. too hot in NC right now for that food, but i can't wait for fall to fire it up.
        another option could be smoke roasted food... i smoked a chicken last night, and it would have been great with a big, mellow red. as it was, i jerk rubbed it, so way too spicy for something like that.
        i would certainly advise, however, that you decant the wine several hours before serving dinner. 99,though fairly opulent, is still a little young and probably very tightly wound still. have fun!

        1. Osso Bucco would be my first choice. One thing to add would be that my '97s are not quite ready yet. You might want to have a decanter handy, just in case the wine is still a bit too tannic.


          1. Sit on it...don't touch it for another 5 years.

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            1. re: phattychef

              You should've been around to tell my mother not to touch the '95 I got her; 2001 wasn't the right time for it, but she didn't realize and later told me that it wasn't very good.


              1. re: phattychef

                Good advice, but not a choice with this particular bottle. It was a gift given with the aim of tasting together to make a purchase decision for more bottles.
                It WILL be opened in the next month, just trying to make the best of it!

                1. re: TNC

                  That is a most practicle use of this particular bottle. Far too many folk purchase case, upon case, of wine, without ever tasting it, only going on someone else's recommendation.

                  While you have to "peer into the crystal ball" a bit, and try and imagine the wine with a few more years on it, it is by far the best way to preview your purchase.


                  PS when you do taste it, give us the TN's.