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Sep 1, 2006 10:26 PM

Providence, last night.

Another great Tasting Menu at the Chef's Table.

salmon roe, kumquat crème fraiche
kumamoto oyster
tequila granite, kaffir lime foam
sword squid, paprika aioli
blue fin tuna
chorizo gelée, kaffir lime oil, chorizo powder
mano de leon sea scallops
parsnips, vadouvan, tomato compote
mexican white shrimp
shrimp raviolo, lobster jus, sugar snap peas
foie gras sauté
elephant heart plums, solera aged sherry vinegar, heart of palm
wild chatham cod
butternut squash, applewood smoked bacon, maitake mushrooms, soy butter
japanese eel
summer truffle, quail egg, crushed potato
kabocha squash, spinach-soy purée, red wine sauce
market cheeses
concord grape, peanut, toast
warm blackberries
polenta streusel, corn tortilla ice cream


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  1. sounds divine. thanks for the wonderful listing.

    can you describe the kumquat creme fraiche? was it creme fraiche with chunks? rind? infusion?

    just wanted to know how michael executed this.

    i'm so over foam, but love the way it just teases your palate.

    also, how was the foie gras and plum executed with the hearts of palm?

    also, how do you type your accent grave?


      1. re: OliveBelle

        Perrier Joulet Rose
        Telegraph CDP (blanc)-04 (wicked)
        Ch Bonaire bordeaux 82
        Opus 01
        Shafer (hillside) 96 (wine of the night!)
        Stags Leap Cask 23 Mag 00

      2. Russkar,
        I am really curious about how was the pbj (the penultimate dish on your list) served?
        Also, what were the standout dishes?
        Lastly, I've never had the tasting menu but eagerly anticipate doing so - what is the price of the tasting with wine pairings?
        Thanks for the posting.

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        1. re: bodie

          5 course with pairings is $105 while the full tasting menu with pairings is $140, seating must be by 8:30 and the entire table must be ordering the same thing.
          Details here in their pdf file dinner menu:

          1. re: bodie

            If you look at the bottom of the TM(10-12 course) it has the price of 120-pp,plus wine which can be any amount? Our PERSONAL Wine costs that night were 200-pp, plus the food.
            We thought EVERY DISH was Excellent which is why we make Providence a Regular stop on our dining adventures.
            If I had to pick my favorite dish, the Lamb Rack was unbelievable, maybe the best in the last 10 years? My other favorite Lamb is at Il Mulino in NYC

            1. re: russkar

              Mmmmmmmmm, il Mulino - I love it too.