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Sep 1, 2006 10:21 PM

Phillips BBQ - one location better than others ?

As stated, I was wondering if, for a first visit, one location is preferred over another ? Also, what to order ?


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  1. I love Phillips -- it's the best Q in L.A.

    Leimert Park is the best but that ones closed on Sundays.

    Lots a folks like the small ends - pork ribs. And the mixed sauce - a mix of hot and mild. Also the beef ribs and hot links. Don't expect much from the sides.

    I usually bring supplies and picnic in the park at a table -- it's just around the corner. You might have some characters entertaining you but I've never been "bothered."

    If you've never been to Leimert Park it deserves a walk around the block.

    Have fun!

    1. The Leimert Park location is the best but if I'm near Centinela and La Cienega, I go to the one over there. The difference isn't big enough to warrant the extra miles.

      What to order? Pork ribs, pork ribs and pork ribs. Other things are good but the pork ribs are the star. I also like their potato salad.