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pre-movie munch @ Metreon?

8:15 movie, gonna be in the neighborhood, where do I chow? got an hour, maybe a little more, happy to live well, happy to go cheap, but not down market. bistro? upscale pizza? just want the food to make me glad I didn't boil pasta at home.

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  1. I'd say Pazzia at 3rd and Folsom next to Bong Su - good pizzas and pastas.

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        Bong Su is nice, but pricey, and you probably won't get in & out in less than an hour on a Friday night.
        I'd save it for when you have more time (and a reservation).

    1. There's the Thirsty Bear for decent tapas, on Howard near third.

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        A second on Thristy Bear. Always enough room to get a seat.

      2. LuLu around the corner on Folsom.

        1. Weird. My previous post got deleted, but I'll add again that Lulu/Azie are close by, as is Oola. They could be great for cocktails and appetizers, but a dinner reservation may be tough.
          Don't forget Chaat Cafe across from Pazzia, too.

          1. Sanraku at the Metreon itself has quite decent sushi and other Japanese dishes.

            1. Friends recently had a nice meal at Annabelle's Bistro on 4th Street across from the Marriott. I haven't been since the recent remodel. http://www.annabelles.net/

              1. I second/third/whatever the recs to Thirsty Bear, Lulu's, and Annabelle. But if you wanna go cheap, or just run out of time, Firewood Cafe (in the food court in the Metreon) does a good job at a fair price.

                  1. The Samovar Tea Lounge recently opened in the Yerba Buena Gardens on the upper terrace looking out over the gardens...many teas and assorted foods ...here's the link:


                    1. I second Lulu. Great food and you get quite a bit for the price.