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Sep 1, 2006 10:03 PM

Is there chow in Hemet?

We're going to Oak Glen on Sunday (take a wild guess why) and we're going to go 'rescue' a friend who lives in Hemet.

Is there chow in Hemet or Beaumont? I'll drive to Perris or Temecula if there's something wonderful not to be missed, but no further than that, please... things actually in Oak Glen would also be appreciated.

The friend in question is skeevy about Asian food, and none of us has tons of money... so we're looking for places we can be comfortable in jeans in.

I appreciate it -- Riverside County is a giant mystery to me!

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  1. I'm not sure about is pretty, well, out there. But when we were there a few years ago we did have a decent lunch at a Mexican place downtown (If Hemet can be said to have a downtown...). NO memory of the name, sorry. But it does fit my general chow theory about Southern and Central California: If you are in a small town in that part of the country, and want to find decent food, your best bet is to find a small, family-owned Mexican place....

    1. Skeevy? I guess this means he doesn't like it?

      In the Oak Glen/Hemet area the best restaurants can be found in Redlands.

      La Costa, specializes in sea food but the combo specials are dirt cheap and excellent.
      621 W Colton Ave
      Redlands, CA 92374
      (909) 792-1337

      Casa Maya, Yucatan food unusual variations on traditional Mexican food.
      1839 Mentone Blvd. Mentone

      Gourmet Pizza Shoppe
      120 E. State St.
      Redlands, CA.
      Has great beer and unusual pizzas. Probably over 100 different types on the menu.

      If skeevy means he likes it there are also quite a few good Japanese/Sushi places.

      1. I went to riley's farm in beaumont once. in the fall its dead on new england.

        I like the mexican restaurant at the Mission Inn in Riverside. Give that a shot.
        Or even Sevilla for Tapas.

        Nothing in Perris (could skydive though) and I (unfortunately) live in temecula and the only places I like are the the Japanese Bento-ya where I work and a korean place called seoul galbi (but nothing in comparison to what you have in LA)/

        1. Well, we're back.

          We ate lunch at Apple Dumplin's on the west "end" of Oak Glen. It was OK, but know that they put heaps of mayo on every sandwich they make -- and if you ask for "no mayo" as the people behind us did, they give you a container of mayo on the side! I had a "yummy meal" (this is what they called it) of half a ham sandwich (with, blech, MAYO) on bread that was slightly stale, a very decent side salad, and a slice of apple pie.

          Oak Glen means apples, right? So apple pie should be good? It had been sitting in a heater so long it was dried out. It would have been OK with ice cream, but I didn't want ice cream, I wanted apple pie!

          The other things people got -- roast beef sandwiches, trout sandwiches -- looked better, so this is probably sour grapes.

          Dinner was at Applebee's in Hemet. The Mexican place downtown (right off San Jacinto and Florida) was MIA. There is absolutely no chow (to the naked eye, at least) in Hemet; it reminds me of a larger Laramie, only without the downtown. Having driven from LA to Oak Glen, around Oak Glen, and then down to Hemet, we didn't want to drive down to Temecula or up to Redlands.

          1. Sorry I just saw your request for chow in Hemet area; if you head that away again, please check out Baja Cactus in Temecula. We've always enjoyed Baja's home cooking in the Milpitas location, and recently became aware that the "Papa" at that place retired to Temecula fairly recently - his wife couldn't bear to be "retired" and proceeded to open a southern outpost. If they are cooking the same way, and I'm assured they are, they would be an excellent choice - and not too pricey, either!