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Sep 1, 2006 10:02 PM

big sheets of chinese rice noodle

I've been seeing ladies in chinatown selling plastic bags of what looks like large sheets of rice noodle--like a thicker version of that big noodle that comes wrapped around shrimp at dim sum(cheung fan?).

I love the texture of the noodle I am familiar with from dim sum, but what I see being sold out of a cardboard box on the sidewalk in c-town looks to be somewhat thicker. I am very curious about this noodle-y substance. Does anyone know how I could use this?

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    1. re: mochi mochi

      nope, it's like a big, thick folded sheet of rice noodle.
      I did a more detailed search on here and this post looks like it talks about the giant rice sheet noodle:

      I'm still a little unsure of what to do with them, though.

    2. That's cheung fun, I think. My Cantonese-American friend loves them stuffed with minced char siu, steamed, then served with a soy based dipping sauce. You can stuff them with beef or minced shrimp, too.

      Kind of like Canotnese Canneloni.

      1. The sheets can be cut into rice noodles of any size you like. The advantage of buying sheets and cutting them yourself is that they are often fresher and, from the company that I buy them from in SF, without preservatives used for longer shelf life. Also use them to wrap cold ingedients for various kinds of rolls. At one time Yimster provided a recipe for cold bbq pork-filled rolls that you dip in hot mustard similar to one of local restaurants.

        1. The Chowhound Team split a tangent discussion about a rice noodle dish from San Francisco's Tung Fong restaurant. Its new location is here:

          1. Thanks for all these replies, I'm going to try them out net time I see them.