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amazing sushi in westchester-where should i go?

Where can I find sushi that will be as good as sushi of gari in the city in westchester?

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  1. Sushi Nanase— 522 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains (914) 285-5351; www.sushinanase.com

    An awesome experience. I believe the chef used to work for Nobu.

    1. Azuma Sushi in Hartsdale. It has nothing but the highest quality, fresh fish. You'll pay for it, but it is well worth it.

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        Ditto on Azuma Sushi, probably the best in Westchester, but almost NYC prices for top notch.

      2. What are the price ranges at Sushi Nanase?

        1. Interesting, is Sushi Nanase new?

          I can't think of the names of the places I frequent, sorry, on Mamaroneck Ave. near the movie theater and in Armonk. I like them both.

          Sushi Mike's is supposed to be good.

          1. Sushi Nanase has been around I'd say for about a year now. A lot (if not all) of the fish is flown in from Japan. There have been previous postings on this place that have gone into detail.

            They also have a tasting menu and an extensive sake selection (and if I recall you can also do a sake tasting menu). I had the basic mixed sushi platter which was $35. Each piece of fish was matched with either a unique sauce or garnish, it was delicious, beautiful to look at and very memorable.

            This is a very small place, and the chef pays careful attention to details.

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              very sad, yesterday i went for lunch to be one of the first 20! :) and we were greeted by a sign that says they are temporarily closed for lunch. :(

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                finally got to go to dinner at nanase last friday; thank you for the recommendation, because nanase was fantastic! the difference between azuma and nanase as far as the quality of fish is small; i would say nanase is slightly better. the uni was very very creamy; and the otoro (oh-toro) tasted, for lack of a better word, pure. but what makes nanase stand out is the garnish that is matched with each fish. for example, i believe the yellowtail had grated lime zest. as you said, it was delicious and memorable.

                the couple next to us had the tasting menu, and i was surprised at the amount of food that they were given--the courses kept coming out!

                we ordered a la carte (probably 10+ pieces and one roll each), had two beers, and the total before gratuity was about 165. much more than what i've spent at azuma, but it was a nice splurge and worth it.

                also, i would recommend calling for reservations; it seemed as most of the people who came in already had reservations, and surprisingly, no one was seated at the bar....

                btw, i read in westchester magazine that the chef has a love for salts, and it made me recall that in the salmon roll, i would taste random little 'nuggets' of salt, which was surprising and pleasing....

              2. The place in Armonk that dolores was talking about is Kira Sushi. It is, indeed, the best. I believe Zagat's rated it up there w/ Nobu. It is excellent quality, excellent service, but I recommend eating there after 8 if you're not dining w/ kids. It's a bit quieter then. Their take on traditional sushi is spot on, and they do make the "funkier" stuff, too.
                I found Sushi Mike's in Dobbs Ferry to be overated...

                1. Thanks, MRS, yes Kira Sushi is very good. They have opened a hibachi place next door, am I right?

                  I think the place in Mamaroneck is Toyo...I will have to get a card next time I'm there. It is across the street from Lupita's Deli.

                  Dim Sum Diva, Sushi Nanase is down at the fork in White Plains, left for Mamk. Ave., right for Bloomingdale Rd.? I must have passed there so many times. Thank you for the recommendation.

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                    Thank for all the suggestions!

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                      finally made it to toyo tonight--great place! the place is simply decorated, with almost a zen like appearance. toro was falling apart tender and melted in your mouth. scallops were a bargain at 2.25 considering how tender and sweet they were. anago (sea eel) was luscious. on top of it, the sushi was beautifully presented. the specials (baby yellow tail/king salmon/sea eel) were draped elegantly in 4 inch cuts across the rice. they even brought out the deep-fried head of the shrimp that was used in my roll, which i thought was very thoughtful--they could've just thrown away the head of the shrimp. service was attentive but not overbearing.

                      price for 20+ pieces of sushi and 2 special rolls was 100 before tax tip. (of course, that's also because we had to have multiple toros!) it's been awhile since i've visited azuma, so i'm not able to make a good comparison between the two. however, i will say that toyo definitely surprised me with the high quality of their sushi, and i can't wait to come back!

                    2. Mt. Fuji in Mt Kisco is amazing and the prices are really reasonable.

                      1. Yama Sushi in Briarcliff-I have always gotten great sushi there

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                          Yama was opened by a guy who used to work at Mt Fuji.

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                            And it's just been renamed Yamaguchi Sushi--but it's the same great sushi, same staff, same everything else.

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                            absolutely agree. the presentation and skill of the sushi chefs is impeccable. rolls, pieces of fish, tuna tartare...best sushi i've had in westchester, hands down.

                          3. We like Haiku in Bronxville for amazing freshness and huge portions. It's asian fusion, not usually a category that defines fine dining, but it seems to work here...

                            1. Try Hanada Sushi in Pleasantville

                              1. Finally found Sushi Nanase! It's adjacent to the Japanese grocery store, and wasn't visible driving by. However, when I got to the door I felt like Lou Costello in 'Time Of Their Lives'...there was a sign saying they were closed temporarily for lunch, and are open from 6:00-10:00pm for dinner.

                                Ods Bodikens.

                                1. I have to speak up for our favorite place - Ichi Rikki in Elmsford. Their fish is always fresh and the chefs make a great "scrap salad" (that's what we call it at least) at the sushi bar for an appetizer. They have tatami rooms in the back - we did that once with some friends and it was so nice and private - also kept the rugrats from running away.

                                  1. Sushi Nanase in WP received an EXCELLENT rating in a review by the NY Times (Westchester section) this past Sunday (11/12/06). I didn't know the chef made his own soy sauce! Might be harder than ever to get in now (considering there is only seating for 20). But, it sure was a great experience.

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                                      Oh, great! And I have yet to get there!

                                      Ah well, no matter. I'll simply have to get takeout. At least I finally know where it is!

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                                        I don't think Sushi Nanase has takeout. In the article they noted how the chef can be fussy about the fact that he is a sit-down, reservations only, full experience sushi place, and not a casual walk-in/takeout joint.