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Sep 1, 2006 09:31 PM

Las Vegas - Fix

We're going to Las Vegas in a few weeks. Looking for something fun and lively, but with great food. I've seen a few people mention Fix at the Bellagio. I've never been there, and barely heard of it. Any info on the type of food and atmosphere, pricing, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. I'd describe the food at Fix as trendy American. Here's a link to the menu (in PDF format):

    1. Fix is very fun and very lively; it's in the midst of the casino, but they do a good job focusing your attention inward on the restaurant. The atmosphere is very relaxed and "let's have a few cocktails" would seem to be the watchword. I thought the food was very good (trendy American is an excellent description) and great for sharing with a small group. I don't know that I would say it was "great", but certainly quite good and enjoyable. Similar places with, IMHO, even better food would be Simon at the Hard Rock and N9ne at the Palms...

      1. Love FIX, especially the tomato soup/grilled cheese appetizer ! That said, it is EXTREMELY loud - the attractive layered wood ceiling almost guarantees this - as well as live music. But go, you won't be sorry - and don't forget that "casual" does not mean "cheap" !

        1. I love FIX also. The mini burgers are also terrific, as is the adult mac-n-cheese. Everything I have tried there has been outstanding and creative. It is indeed loud. I also second N9NE. Excellent food (steaks are great, be sure to get the popcorn shrimp appetizer, they are crispy and tasty with kick-#!@ sauces on the side) and the atmosphere is a lot of fun.

          1. You should go across the Harrah's! To the Carnival Court! First of all, the flair bartenders are worth taping with your camcorder. They actually had a band playing at 11:00am on a Monday! We were into our last hours in Vegas when we happened to run into this place. We ordered lunch, which was served right out there (outdoors) in the bar area. We got the best food we had eaten since we arrived in Las Vegas! It was actually the highlight of our visit!

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              We go to Harrah's and Carnival Court all the time! We love it there, where else but Vegas can you get free live entertainment 24-7, food, and drinks all reasonably priced. And have so much fun dancing and kareoke, and the piano bar is great fun too.

              1. re: Amusedalison

                I would second Carnival Court for a good time. It's always a great time and you will be amazed at some of the things you'll see from the bartenders -- and the patrons after they've had too much to drink. It's a great name for the place because it really is like a circus side-show.

                As for the food -- no. I'll be the first to admit that I've never had any food there but just knowing the place, I can't imagine them having any GOOD food. You say that this was the best food you had in Vegas? Something just doesn't seem right about that statement.

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                  Maybe if the other food was the Sahara buffet or those hotdogs you get at Westward Ho?

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                    Oh no, sorry, I didn't mean to imply the food was good, I've never eaten there either! I only go for the evening entertainment, I don't think they serve food in the evening. I've never even sat at the tables, when I go I dance the whole time!