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Sep 1, 2006 09:08 PM

Best Birthday Cake??

Will be in New York City next weekend celebrating my mom's 70th birthday. We will be a party of 14,staying at The Trump International. I am looking for a place that makes great B Day cakes, and will deliver to the hotel. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!

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  1. Has anyone tried Black Hound ( Everything on the website looks absolutely amazing & I figure you can't go wrong when the majority of the cakes' first ingredient is butter. And they deliver.

    1. Blackhound Bakery makes delicious cakes. I have tasted several of theirs (I love right around the corner) and they are all good!

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        This is a truly amazing place. I love the Bee Cake, and the Ebony & Ivory is delish too. I definitely recommend it!!!!

      2. Also - Payard in the 70's on Lexington makes beautiful, delicious cakes.

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          Had my b'day cake from Payard. If you like chocolate go for the Louvre. They should throw in the sparklers for free. I got this cake for several years in a row for my birthday, that is how much I liked it. If you don't like chocolate they got a really nice bannana cake.

        2. I think the best ever is Cupcake Café, which is at 545 9th Ave/40th St, as well as apparently having a new location at 18 West 18th St. You can also go to their website at

          Their cakes are to die for, and fabulously beautiful, and their cupcakes are small bit of pleasure.

          1. Is Trump Internation near the UN or Columbus Circle?

            I would say Buttercup Bake Shop on 52nd and 2nd if the hotel is near the UN. If you like coconut...their cake is delicious.

            If the hotel is near Columbus Circle...does Bouchon in Time Warner have cakes? I am sorry to say I haven't been to the one in NYC yet, but if they do have cakes, I would think this would be the place.

            Both places do not deliver, but are in walking distance.

            Don't forget to order ahead.
            Happy Birthday!