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Sep 1, 2006 09:03 PM

Norman's and Le Deux

Going for anniversary dinner to Noman's. What should we definately not miss and what should we avoid ordering?
Has anyone been to Le Doux for dessert? We were thinking of trying it out after Norman's. Thanks!

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  1. Since it's Friday there is their Pig Roast, but I assume you've opted for the regualar menu. Last time I was there a couple of months ago I started with their Beef tartare, then the Jerk Spiced Rubbed and Pan Seared Turbot with Chorizo, Mangoes and Curry Emulsion. Both of which I would very gladly order again. My dining partner had their Veal Chop which I tasted and we both concluded it didn't really work as well as everthing else, so classify this under "avoid".

    Before hoping over to Le Doux for dessert I would highly recommend Norman's New World Flamming Banana Split. It's one of the best desserts I've ever had with the only drawback being there wasn't enough. If that's on the menu, order it and you'd still have room for more dessert goodies elsewhere. I would classify that one under "definately not miss".

    1. Before paying for parking at Les Deux Cafe, I would advise calling and finding out whether it's possible to stop in for dessert. I got the impression it was more of a nightclub, possibly of the velvet-rope variety.

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        it is definitely a nightclub. bottle service and all. not really a relaxing end of the night kind of place unless you are twentysomething and also want to dance, which might be your only choice since you can't sit down anywhere w/out paying $300 for a bottle of vodka.

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          oh, but as for norman's i wholeheartedly recommend it. the food is excellent. definitely have the sommelier pair wines for you, too.

      2. Norman's just might be the best dining experience I've had in LA. Have the tasting menu with the wine pairing if you can swing it, and ask for Heaven to be your server.

        1. It's tough sometimes to find parking in the area of Norman's. Do they have valet parking?

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            Yes, it's $7. The stand is on Sunset but a little farther east than I expected. They probably are there for the whole building(s) and not just Norman's.