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Sep 1, 2006 09:01 PM

Good, cheap sushi for tonight in Calgary?

I'm a regular at Sushi Kawa, which I love - but am hoping to try something else tonight. Preferably inner-city location. Not looking for an all-you-can-eat deal, but would love a place that is VERY reasonably priced. There will be four of us. One of us loves sashimi, but the others gravitate towards good maki rolls.

Suggestions? I've been to Hana Sushi, but wasn't impressed. Anybody recommend Reiko's Sushi Bar or Sakana Grill?

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  1. Reiko's is not good. Given your preference for Kawa, I'm not sure our tastes jibe (I don't like it), but here goes:

    The most reasonably-priced, best bang-for-your-buck place in the inner city is absolutely Uptown Sushi at 11/11 SW across the street from Co-op Midtown Market. You will be stunned at the prices ($2.50 for a small but delicious spicy tuna roll, for example), and dinner is a good time to try as it's never busy at night.

    Another option that is quite inexpensive and that has improved immeasurably over the last couple of years is Midori, on 17th Ave at 9 St SW. This place used to serve tuna rolls with canned tuna- now their spicy tuna rolls are among my favourites in the city.

    The sushi place at the bottom of Calgary Centre apartments (8 St and 6 Ave SW) is a very good deal but I was not terribly impressed at their quality on my one visit. Cheap, though.

    Happily, the days of really expensive sushi a la Zen on 8 are over in this city, and sushi is rarely an expensive evening out anymore.

    1. For a dine-in experience, you might want to try Yuzuki (9th Ave SW next to Cowboys). Their sushi is quite god, reasonably priced, and the little model train they use to deliver your food is cute and kitschy. Usually not busy at night, either.

      A little farther afield, you could try Yamato, across from Northland mall in the NW. The prices are a little higher, but they ahve a lobster sashimi meal in the evenings which is AMAZING, and not found in many places. They do deliver.

      Good luck.

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      1. re: cowtownhound

        In the city, I will second Uptown Sushi on 11th Ave. I have always had good results at Sushi Hiro on 5th Ave as well.

        Outside the core, I love Misato up in West Market Square (17th Ave just west of Sarcee Trail) It remains my favorite in the city... love the Yam and Avocado roll, the Spicy Roll and the Soft Shell Crab. They make excellent Gyoza and Short Rib appies as well.

        1. re: newJJD

          Thanks for the recommendations. We ended up going with our stand-by, Sushi Kawa. But, having heard only positive things about Uptown, it's definitely on my list to try. I've also heard good things about Misato and would love to try that Yam and Avocado roll!

          1. re: LittleMrs

            It is my favorite veggie roll in the city, just edges out Uptown's Yam Tempura Roll.

            Oh, they also have very tasty toro nigiri sushi... my friend calls it the "foie gras of the sea" and I kind of agree, although monkfish liver is a little closer to that title IMO

      2. in my opinion,

        sushi HIRO... expensive but real japanese sushi(owner japanese)
        sushi's ok but service is very slow.(owner japanese)
        sushi KAWA..ummm,(owner japanese)
        TOWA suhi&sushi's ok(owner japanese)
        sushi Man..they don't have liquor licence yet(onwer japanese)
        sushi kyoto..taste terrible!
        Tokyo garden sushi..very japanese style (owner japanese)
        sushi kinjo,sumo..out of the question.
        Zen 8..just expensive and taste is not japanese.
        Hana sushi..reasonable(owner japanese)
        Shikiji..sushi?ummmm(owner japanese)
        Fujiyama..ummm (owner chinese)
        Misaibo...ummm (owner chinese)
        cherry bento..resonable (owner japanese&korean)
        MIKI suhi..very japanese style and expensive(owner japanese)
        MISATO..ummm.i think expensive(owner japanese)
        Banzai..resonable, but not use for date(owner japanese)
        sushi bar zipang..good and resonable. (owner japanese)

        so try sushi bar zipang 262-1888

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        1. re: CODA

          This is the best review I have seen of Calgary's Japanese food. You match my tastes almost exactly. There is a few on your list I haven't tried and one or two you missed like "Wa's," and Muku for Ramen but overall I like your recommendations. I am Canadian but lived for a long time in Japan and have a Japanese wife.

          1. re: canadiantensai

            Was Muku even open 5 years ago? Wa's was.

            1. re: canadiantensai

              Besides being horribly out of date, it's kind of a useless list because he keeps repeating the phrase "ummm"... what is that supposed to mean? Good like yum or bad or mediocre or he doesn't know, or what?

          2. CODA, I am humbled- I don't know where a lot of these places are.

            I was chatting with a U of C student who is from Vancouver and she predictably said that she's unimpressed by Calgary sushi; I ask where she has been and she says.... Sumo.

            I gave her a list of recs. It occurs to me that a lot of the younger crowd thinks that calgary sushi begins and ends at that horrible place. Really sad.

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            1. re: John Manzo

              i went 'globefish sushi&izakaya' yesterday.(on 14th N.W)
              well, they are not japanese izakaya and sushi.
              sushi is very contemporary style. (towa style)
              i really missed japanese izakaya!!
              but taste was not bad.

              1. re: CODA


                I went there 2 days ago to give them a second try, and the nigiri was not good. mushy, strong fishy taste to the salmon. Poor tuna.The Maki were ok... but not great.

                And it is definitely not izakaya.

                1. re: CODA

                  Unfortunately, the closest authentic izakaya is over the Rocky Mountains in Vancouver... Guu is a very rambunctious, fun izakaya with great eats! It seems even livelier than some of the ones I'd been to in Japan.

                  I agree that Calgay needs some fun restaurants like Guu.

              2. Has anyone tried the Sushi place (starts with a M) at the Glamorgan strip mall(Corner of Richmond Road and 37th Street SW)?