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Any suggestions for a steak house in Manhattan

I am going to be staying in Manhattan Sep. 15 - Sep. 18 and am looking for a nice steak house for my husband and I to take my parents to. I don't mind spending money but I also don't want my flight to cost as much as my dinner. All suggestions are welcome!


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  1. Ah! The subject of endless discussion and argument. Welcome to the board. I'd suggest you start here


    and do further searches on any that sound appealing.

    1. The Strip House is outstanding but can be a little expensive but most of the real good steak houses are going to be a little pricy. There is a lot of posts on this board about steak houses so I would suggest you search the recent posts for more info

      1. I know this has been argued over and over, but I really suggest you consider a cab ride to Brooklyn for steak at Peter Luger's. Yes-expensive, but still a steak-experience that should not be missed. Very limited menu - mostly steak, but a real piece of New York history. If I'm not mistaken, they will not take reservations for small parties (under 5?), but get there on the early side and you should be able to get a table without too long a wait.

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          They will take reservations for any size, but will not seat you without a reservation.

        2. A trip to Peter Luger's is worth it on several levels, not least of which is the cab ride over the WIlliamsburg Bridge, and, if you're lucky, a lovely shot of lower Manhattan with the sun setting behind it.

          The service will make you smile or flinch, depending on your mood. But you will be happy with your steak, which may well turn out to be the best you've ever tasted.

          - Sean

          1. Gallagher's in midtown Manhattan gets my vote for the NYC steak extravaganza! No trip over a bridge or under a tunnel required...window shop prior. mmmmmmmmmmm try their house wine... It's decent too!

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              All top level NY steakhouses have prices in the same vicinity. My favorites are Luger's, Strip House, BLT Steak. I used to put Sparks up there but i've had a few subpar experiences there in the last year.

            2. Sparks! Enough said, you can read all kinds of reviews.

              1. Uncle Jack's is a great find too.

                1. I like Angelo and Maxie's. Good quality food, good atmosphere, good piece of meat, and not trip to the outer bouroughs. But if I'm in Brooklyn or Queens I would go to Lugers.

                  1. I disagree about Angelo & Maxie's. I find the atmosphere to be too "testosteronish" and the steaks are inconsistent. By their own admission, they do not "necessarily serve prime" (whatever that means), which, as they once told me, is how they keep their prices down. (Personally, I wouldn't call their prices 'down!") I maintain that Luger's is the place to go, but in Manhattan I still like the Palm. Not cheap, by any means, but consistenly good steak and anything else you get.

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                      I agree with foodluvngal about Angelo & Maxie's. When it comes to quality, it's not in the top tier of steakhouses. And their prices certainly aren't cheap. Worse, when the dining room is full, the noise level is so horrendously high, it's impossible to carry on a conversation without shouting across the table. Not my idea of a pleasant dining experience.

                      My pick would be Keens. Delicious food. Good service. Unmatchable old NY ambiance. Conversation-friendly noise level.

                    2. On my one visit to Sparks I found the decor tacky, the staff jaded and uninterested, but the sirloin was easisly, and I mean easily, the best steak I've ever eaten. It was just beef, salt and high heat, no sauces, nothing, and man was it incredible. The flavor of the beef was so concentrated. If it's possible to split the sirloin (it's so large, it's enough for two), a side of spinach and a glass of wine, that's how I'd approach the place if you're on a budget.

                      1. I've had two outstanding meals at Quality Meats (58th and 6th). If you go, try the Numantia-Termes Toro 2003 with your lamb or steak. At $60 it's reasonable for a wine Robert Parker gives 96 points, not to mention awesome.

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                          In Manhattan, I would second Quality Meats for a married couple with parents. Strip House would be a nice choice too. Both have nice dining rooms and cater less to business client dinners.

                        2. Landmarc, in Tribeca, for rib eye or skirt steak, or Shelly's, in midtown, for filet. They're not as known as a steak houses as many already mentioned, but I've enjoyed their steaks much more than those at Sparks, Luger's, Ben Beson's, and craftsteak.

                          The mutton chops at Keen's are excellent, if you're interested in alternative meats. Keen's has a great old-school steakhouse feel, too.

                          1. Thank you to everyone who shared their input. It truly is much appreciated.