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Sep 1, 2006 08:56 PM

Upper Crust: lower standards?

Had pizza at Upper Crust (Beacon Hill) today. Seems to me - and maybe it's because I'm having a VERY bad day at work - that the crust was substandard. Limp, no char, no chew. Definitely NOT the Upper Crust I'm used to. Anyway, is the place resting on its laurels, or has it been a little "limp" for some time now?

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  1. My last two experiences (both over 2 months ago) were very disapointing. I found the pizza on one occasion to be painfully salty and on another to be overcooked to the point of blackened. Sounds like the opposite to what you described.

    Not sure what is going on but I hope things turnaround.

    1. I don't recall ever really enjoying the Upper Crust's pizza. I always find it to contain too much garlic in the sauce and actually, I'd find that it tasted better the next day after being reheated rather than fresh. Perhaps I like more of New York Style pizza or Italian style pizza, but for the price you pay, I never thought their pies were worth the money spent.

      1. They're having consistency issues, probably due to their expansion. Last time I had slices there, everything about them was perfect. But, the couple previous times before that... meh.

        1. I was just in Boston and heard great things about Upper Crust, but was also dissapointed. I had the "wheat slice of the day" (pesto, tomato and garlic) at the Newbury Street location and it was cold.

          1. The Lexington location is good. Went there last week for a quick Sunday lunch and the pizza came out perfectly crisp, with a bit of chew. Maybe this location still pays attention to quality because it doesn't seem to be very busy.

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              Yeah, the Lexington location isn't bad. I wouldn't put it even close to Santarpio's or Regina's, but I have had some good pies at the one in Lexington--probably one of the best places for pizza in the NW suburbs (not including Medford and Somerville).