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Sep 1, 2006 08:47 PM

Restaurant finds in/near Lower Bucks County--JustEat and Za

For those who live in the relative culinary wasteland that is Lower Bucks, here are 2 newish restaurants that deserve a mention...

In Buckingham, PA (Rte 202), try JustEat by BrownGold. It is a smallish BYO with an eclectic seasonal menu and a nice atmosphere. I had a tomato/goat cheese salad (heavenly w/August tomatoes) and a grilled lobster entree that were excellent. Desserts are highly recommended and are made in house. The owners/staff are very friendly and make you feel at home.

In Pennington, NJ (south of Princeton on Rte 31), there is a new BYO named Za. The menu is fusion-y but not to a fault. We had fantastic seafood dishes there as well (lobster picnic and crab fritters).

Bon Appetit, fellow suburbanites and adventurous Chowhounds!

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  1. JustEat by BrownGold has been around for about four years. Marc BrownGold used to cook at Hamilton's Grill Room in Lambertville. JE is very good and is not nearly as noisy as most BYO's. I've been going less often as the prices have gone up.

    Check out their website:

    1. I was actually very disappointed in Za, the prices were a bit high for the quality of the food and service. The appetizer selections looked good, but the entrees did not look as appetizing. The chicken in the chicken noodle salad was very dry and they did not have anything to offer with it. My husband's food was cold and my friend was delivered the wrong the entree. When the owner asked how everthing was and I told him I was disappointed all he had to say was that it was a busy night and I should try it another time. I will not be trying it another time because tonight was not good and he did not give me any type of incentive to want to give this place another chance.

      1. I got all excited when I saw the post title - thought it might be about Bensalem (parents live there and we visit them often). Oh well...maybe one day something of interest will open around there.