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Sep 1, 2006 08:46 PM

top 3 restaurants iin williamsburg?

I really like the burgers at dumont, but I don't know what else is good in the area.

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  1. burgers at Peter Luger! And the same owner of DuMont and DuMont Burger opened a very good restaurant called Dressler on Broadway between Driggs and Bedford. We had red snapper and scallops and both were memorable dishes.

    1. Dressler, Aurora, Marlow & Sons.

      I'd have given a nod to Sweetwater but they seem yet again to have a new chef and I haven't tried any of his food.

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      1. re: benghoil

        Sweetwater is good, but service is well beyond horrible. If there is a new chef, I could possible go and withstand the service to see what its like.

        1. re: Huffy

          Good point. The service does manage to feature the worst of Williamsburg (too-cool-to-serve-you) plus the worst of Manhattan ("sparkling or still?").

          But since I'm posting again, I'll take the opportunity to recommend Diner and Zipe Zape (for a casual street-side afternoon snack).

        2. re: benghoil

          Yes. Agreed on all three. With Aurora at the top of my list.

          1. re: South 6

            I've never had an outstanding meal at Aurora. I love Dumont and Dressler (although I haven't been to Dressler in at least a year.) Diner and Bonita are also good and the newcommer Mesa Coyoacan is worth a visit for Mexican food-lovers.

            1. re: Lemonbasil

              Bonita is now closed. Cue the violins.

        3. I think Diner is still fantastic for brunch, but I've found the quality and service at dinner have deteriorated considerably over the years.

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          1. re: dianasiri

            not thrilled with their brunch.

            1. re: dianasiri

              Amen to that. What happened to Diner's service??? It used to be fair to moderate at best. Which I thought was great for the 'burg.

              Why has no one mentioned Baci Arabiaci??? Amazing northern Italian, with a garden that put's Aurora's to shame.

              And Zippe Zappe rules the day, with smart, focused flavors. Fresh is the word here, with a great look at modern street food. Amazing.

            2. definitely recommend Zipi Zape. is one of my favorites in the 'hood. Been there numerous times, but the one dish I recommend is the pork lion sandwich. Their website:

              1. Chimu, Peruvian joint next to Union Pool has been fantastic on the times I have visited. The mix grill for two or the steak with the peruvian spaghetti and green cheese sauce is deadly and the portions are huge. Just try to get over the Scarface style decor, lights burning your retnas and Adult Contemp soundtrack thats blasting and you will be good to go. Also Uncle Minas, a middle eastern lunch counter next to dumont Kofta Kebab is unreal, but they often times do not have it. Mina is the man too. Oh yeah Cheers Thai is a real good spot its near lorimer L stop on metropolitan and the Jade Noodle is a great dish, its a real good cheap everyday Neighborhood spot.

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                1. re: YoungHood

                  Well, I have to say that this is the worst peruvian restaurant i've been to, not just in the city or jersey, but in general. Anyway, I've been to all the peruvian places in manhattan, brooklyn and queens and to 8 peruvian places in Jersey and this is by far the worst experience i've had.