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Sep 1, 2006 08:22 PM

Sunday lunch in Geneva (IL)

We're going to hang out in Geneva Sunday and I'm noticing not many places are open for lunch on Sunday....or even brunch. Any ideas?

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  1. Don Manuel in Batavia has a pretty good brunch buffet on Sundays. The quality of this restaurant has seemed to go up lately and the prices down.

    When we went, they had chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, rice and beans, chicken in mole, pork in a salsa verde, among a few other items (the usual pancakes, sausage, bacon).

    There's also always the huge Pheasant Run brunch buffet in St. Charles. You can get a gift certificate for this place at Can't think of any others off the top of my head and don't know of any in Geneva, though, I'm sure many exist...

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      Don Manuel closed and was sold several weeks ago, it is now Batavia Family Restaurant open from 6 am to 10 pm daily. Don Manuel did do some great thngs when they had their lunch buffet right before they closed. The Martinez family still owns Taco Grande in downtown Batavia which remains very good. Mill Race Inn in Geneva opens at 11:30 daily but a good majority of the "nice" locally owned restaurants don't open until 4. There are many chains that are open at 11 including Claddagh Irish Pub in the Geneva Commons.

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        Just to update, El Taco Grande has reopened their Don Manuel site off Randall Road and Mill Street. These are the same El Taco Grande people from downtown Batavia and operate both places now and have the same menus. They are open for lunch & dinner 7 days a week.

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          Townhouse Cafe in St. Charles is an excellent place. Check out the menu....

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            Hey, that looks great! Hadn't heard of it before, hope to get in there soon. Thanks!

    2. Are you going for Swedish Days? There ought to be lots of food booths but if you're tired of that or want an air conditioned lunch (it's HOT right now!)...

      Le Berry Bistro on Third St has Sunday brunch. I've only had lunches there and it's always been good. Not extraordinary maybe but good.

      Also, Stockholm's Pub is open for lunch on Sunday. They don't seem to have a website but here's the phone # : 630-208-7070. It's on State St at about State & Third. It's been a long, long time since I've eaten there but it was pretty good back then.

      Both of these places are handy to walk to if you're downtown.

      Oh, duh. Just realized this is an old thread. Oh well, FYI Swedish Days starts tomorrow!