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Sep 1, 2006 08:10 PM

Bacchus - so-so

Tried Bacchus again this week - on 2 for 1 night and was once again disappointed. I ordered the cod with spinach and rice. The entire entrée was lukewarm and had no flavor. I NEVER salt my entrées and yet found myself uncapping the saltshaker - anything to save this bland dish. Never again.
My companion ordered the chicken and fared slightly better. It was warm, passably tasty and ok, I'll admit it - the fries were good. But so are McDonalds.
I have eaten here for dinner (not on 2 for one night), and brunch as well and have yet to enjoy the food. And believe me, if I'm not the one who has to cook it I usually have no complaints. Especially if it's 2 for 1!
So what is the appeal of the place? Is it more for wine lovers/Francophiles than food lovers?
I'd be interested in hearing what people have enjoyed here as well as hearing from others that have been less than impressed.

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  1. I've been going since it opened and our last 3 meals there over the past 2-3 months have been mighty unimpressive, food and service. People I respect still really like the place, but I've removed it from my recommendation list and basically have to be dragged there. Too bad. It was really very good until, in my opinion, the shorter guy disappeared.

    1. i just went to bacchus last night, and order the burger which i saw recommended in other chowhound threads. it was a pretty bad experience. i ordered my burger rare, which the waitress commented on in a cute ah-you-are-ordering-almost-raw-meat kind of way, but when it arrived it was well. i mean, there was no pink! i didn't have the energy to send it back, but i should have. the burger was dry, and the bun was as well (my friend said that his seemed like it had been toasted and left out to dry). the fries were ok, but nothing special. the service was great and the atmosphere was really nice, but the burger was one of the worst i've had in a while.

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      1. re: kazhound

        I always get the mussels at Bacchus, and my friend always gets the beef stew, and we are always happy.

      2. i went once a few years ago...the mussels were chewy and sandy, the steak was gristly and fatty.

        im surprised theyre still in business to be honest.

        1. In spite of reports of a decline I went with a friend for hanger steaks a few months back. They were as good as ever and a terrific bargain at $12. Nice frites too.

          Maybe the secret here is to keep it simple?

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          1. re: Bob Martinez

            You got lucky. Dont try for best 3 of 5.

          2. I went there about a month ago, actually twice in the same week. I had the most sublime lamb confit stew and an awesome bottle of wine (very reasonably priced). Service is always spotty (and often amusing!), but recently I cannot fault the food.