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Sep 1, 2006 07:40 PM

Mercado La Paloma near Staples

Has anyone been to this place? What exactly is it? Is it worth visiting?

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  1. Yes, it is definitely worth visiting. Chichen Itza is a good place to eat reasonably priced, Yucatecan style Mexican food. Check out their cochinita pibil (roast pork) dishes. Many CH comments abound over how good it is. There are also some other interesting stands and booths to get other foods and Mexican crafts

    1. It's a community-sponsored Mexican-themed marketplace in a large warehouse-type space with several food stands. I agree, the cochinita pibil is the thing to get. I'll just add that they're not open very late -- I think around 7 at night -- and that the Oaxacan ice cream stand has some interesting flavors to try after you eat. Also there is a good-sized free parking lot, which is a big plus.

      1. I like it; Chichen Itza (unlike some Yucatecan places) does POLLO pibil, for those of us who don't do the pig thing.

        My only other advice is to think informal, clothes-wise; the space, while it has good air-flow, is NOT air-conditioned. Also, those of your friends/acquaintances who use expressions like "an iffy neighborhood" will think that the neighborhood looks "iffY', (no true chowhound would use that language) so if they're along, let'em know, and park in the lot, rather than on the street . . .

        r gould-saltman

        1. Yes, I definitely recommend Chichen Itza as well as the little taco place next to it, Taqueria Vista Hermosa. I like their sopes and their carnitas aren't bad. Avoid the Thai place at all costs. There's also an Oaxacan juice/ice cream bar that I have been meaning to try. They have a cactus ice cream called "tuna" that always seems so trippy. I miss the little empanadas place-- that was where I had my first empanadas! I'm still looking for a good empanadas place.

          1. Mercado La Paloma
            3655 S. Grand Ave
            Los Angeles, CA
            (213) 748-1963