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Sep 1, 2006 07:04 PM

Low key restaurants in the Embarcadero or nearby

I am looking for a reasonably priced restaurant (entrees under $20) near the Embarcadero. Will be joining a couple friends who have worked late hours all week and want a mellow environment with solid food. Would need to get in tonight (Friday) without a reservation or by calling for one today. Ideas?

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  1. Monte Christo Cafe would fit the bill. Palio d'Asti maybe, if you get pasta or pizza rather than meat. Both do mostly lunch business and are quiet in the evenings. Opentable has seats for both tonight at any time you like.

    1. If you're going early (right after work), Cosmopolitan Cafe has an early-bird special that's 3 courses for $25. 5:30 reservation tonight is available on Open Table, but you could also call. They offer a choice between soup or two salads, two entrees and two desserts. I think it's Mon - Friday. Hard to say where on the Embarcadero you're talking about, but it's only a couple of blocks from the Hyatt Regency on Spear.

      1. Globe. It use to be v.good. Haven't been in awhile.