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Bonte's belgian waffle

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From a rec in another thread my wife and I are excited to try this new place. What should we order here considering we'll only be able to try it once!

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  1. Well, the plain ones are good, however, you might as well fill it with some good stuff. They have chocolate, white chocolate and a few other things. Get whatever you like and you couldn't go wrong. One last note, they aren't the biggest waffles and a bit pricey for a waffle of the size, they are worth it though.

    1. I don't mind paying a little extra if for something great and it sounds like that's the case here, thanks!

        1. The best are chocolate and banana. Tried the white chocolate and strawberry too but nearly as good.

          1. What exactly is different about a belgian sugar waffle? I feel like I've been hearing about Bonte waffles a lot lately and I'll have to try one soon!

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              Unlike what most people think of as "belgian waffles" (tall, normal cakey waffles piled with whipped cream, ice cream, strawberries, etc.), the Bonte waffles are very dense, yeasty, sugar pearls or something throughout the batter that get caramelized when cooked. The "batter" if you can call it that is very stiff -- watch when they make yours to order, it doesn't flow at all but is pressed into the waffle iron. And no toppings - the extra ingredients (chocolate etc.) are in the batter incorporated throughout.

            2. We're really disappointed with this place. According to their website one of their locations is open until 10 pm. We drove past only to find it closed at 7:30! Puzzled we called and got the maching saying they were open until 9pm, but it was only 7:30 and they were closed! Hoping maybe we had them mixed up, we drove to the other location only to find it closed also!

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                I just e-mailed them asking what's going on and their e-mail came back as and unknown address. Are they still in business?

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                  Sorry you weren't able to try them yesterday. I don't think they're out of business, in fact I think they just opened a 3rd location. Being Labor Day weekend, the city is pretty empty and maybe they had limited hours or limited staff.

              2. I know they are opening a 3rd location on Walnut (near Juniper) soon so they are still in business. I agree it must be a holiday thing. Let them know you stopped by when it was closed (but should've been open) and maybe they will give you a waffle gratis.

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                  Are they taking the old La Cigale coffe shop location next to the Naked Chocolate cafe? I hope so! That was my hangout during my office building's fire alarm drills/false alarms.

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                    That would be the place...Imagine the calories on that stretch of the block!

                2. We ended up trying Bonte Sunday mornig and we really didn't like it. It's the first time I've had what they say is a true Belgian waffle and neither my wife nor myself cared for the chewy overly sweet waffle.