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Myong Dong Tofu Cabin opening up in Foster City / San Mateo awwwwww yeah

Yep you read it right. In the same complex as Marina Supermarket.
One more choice for decent cuisine.

The Amigoes Tacqueria closed and Myong Dong Tofu Cabin is opening in its place. Looks to be identical menu (they posted on the windows already) and it is the same as the one in Santa Clara. Major remodeling going on so it may be a little while before it opens. Hours posted will be 11 to 11 all day except Sunday 11 to 10.

Fab news for me and other hounds, don't have to dry all the way down to Palo Alto for soon tofu let alone Santa Clara/Sunnyvale where all the good places are (and forget the one in San Carlos....too expensive and poor quality).

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  1. Thanks for spotting that, please keep us posted. For reference, here's a thread from last year on Myung Dong's Santa Clara location.

    1. Hey K K,

      Check out Tofu House on El Camino Real in San Bruno. Does the trick for me, without the drive to either San Francisco or Santa Clara.

      1. Actually, the tacqueria is still there, it's the pizza place that closed. Thanks for posting about the new restaurant, I was wondering if I should be excited about it or not. By the way, there is a new tofu restaurant in Belmont in the same complex as Kabul and Longs. Any word on the quality?

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          Actually, my hubby and I tried the Korean BBQ place ~1month ago, and it was okay. When we entered the restaurant, the place was filled with smoke from the tables that decided to cook their own food at the table.
          I don't exactly remember the dishes that we ordered, but overall we weren't impressed with it - they had just opened recently too, so maybe they are still ironing out the food, but compared to places in South Bay or SF, this doesn't compare.

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            I went with a friend to the Korean place in that strip mall on El Camino in Belmont about a month ago. She and I are both Korean, and we both agreed that place is not worth the expense. Prices were high compared to other Korean places (and decent Korean food is never cheap), and the portions were slightly below average (way below average if you factor in the higher than normal pricing). Nothing memorable to comment on, and that includes the bahn-chahn (<==== Korean phonetic spelling).

            Sorry, can't remember the name of it, and I'm too lazy to locate the receipt in my stack of yet-to-be-completed expense reports....... =-/ I do remember reading about it on the SFBA board. The owners are the same folks behind the much-maligned Aya Sushi in San Carlos.

            Looking forward to whenever Myong Dong opens its doors. I'm spending more time in the San Mateo area, and I did notice that Korean cuisine in the immediate area is lacking.

        2. My mistake, the Windy City or Chicago style pizza place was the one that closed down, where MD Tofu is going to be. The tacqueria is still there.

          1. Oops,
            Waht's going to happen to all that cool Chicago memorabilia? I've been eating there for years because it's around the corner from work. Food was not that good, pizza pretty good, service never good. The taqueria next door took a big hit when the Vietnamese place moved in. Let's hope the tofu place is better than anything else in the neighborhood.

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              Just want to know if this place has opened yet?

            2. As of last weekend, construction was still going on in the very very early phases, or had just started.

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                Thanks for letting me know, we don't go out to Marina that often. Hubby could have sworn that it's opened already since it has been over a month already.

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                  I too am excited that a Korean restaurant will be opening in San Mateo/Foster City area. I did call the Santa Clara shop and they said they'd be opening by the end of this month.
                  Also Soeul Deli at 851 N San Mateo Drive in San Mateo is open (I'm pretty sure). I'm going by tonight after work to check it out.

                  1. re: klee007

                    Thanks for taking the initiative to chase those down --- looking forward to the follow-up from you.

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      klee007 - thanks for the info for the San Mateo Myong Dong Tofu Cabin, I'll be sure to check it out at the end of the month.

                      How was Seoul Deli?

              2. I work in Foster City. My colleagues and I eat at the pho place in that mall often. We have been eyeing the Tofu Cabin hungrily, licking our lips, waiting, just waiting for it to open. It better be good:). How often can one group of people eat at pho, Tai Wu, Joy, Mr. Fong's, Toki's Sushi and occasionally the south India place in the mall with Toki's?

                1. Was just in the Marina center for lunch today and saw that the Tofu Cabin's San Mateo grand opening is Dec. 9th.

                  1. Yahoo! Maybe I can get the crew there next week. Shouldn't be too hard. We love Korean. Hey, if they have soju we can make it an after work stop....

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                      Thanks for the info! I am going to try to go there Sunday to check it out!