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Sep 1, 2006 06:04 PM

Culinary Travel

Here's an innovative way to spend summer, winter, or spring break!

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  1. I actually did this the year before last--spent a week in Puebla, Mexico, with cooking lessons every day. It was great!

    Puebla was a lovely city, and the food was spectacular. Plus I got a binder of excellant recipes to take home--very important for a Mexican food lover in Boston, where good Mexican is in short supply.....

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      Puebla! Anthony Bourdain swears that his best cooks come from Puebla. Please share your resources.

      1. re: sassille

        When I went, I actually won a package on Steal of the century.

        No airfare (we found our own flights easily) but our package included 6 nts hotel at the Mesones Sacristia de la Compania (a converted home near the Zocalo), all our meals, 5 days of cooking lessons (we ate our projects for lunch), a walking tour of Puebla, a trip to the market to shop for ingredients, passes to two museums, a welcome drink, a talavera plate with local sweets, and round-trip bus tickets from Mexico City. Cost was $1010 for 2 people.

        Mesones Sacristia is doing the same package for $1200 for 2 people through Mexico Boutique Hotels:

        The hotel was lovely, the staff very helpful, and Alonzo the chef/teacher was the best.

        I've been rattling on about how great it was since I got back--finally talked my parents into going....

    2. Been there, done that too. Now have friends that want me to conduct my own tours and take them along :-D

      1. This has been a burgeoning industry in Italy and France for at least fifteen years.

        1. The original comment has been removed