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Sep 1, 2006 05:41 PM

Sturbridge, MA

Need a good lunch spot on Sunday in Sturbridge near Highway access. Me, my bro and 80+ y.o mom. Unfamiliar w the area. Whatcha got?

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  1. We have had lunch a few times at The Whistling Swan, 502 Main St. I do not know if they are open on Sunday. You might want to call at 508-347-2321.

    1. the publick house or

      the Thai restaurant - ask directions, it's the only one

      1. this is a nice place not to far from Sturbridge center.

        1. This may be too late but I would suggest a rather new spot called Bin 479 which is located at 479 Main St. CVery good food and anice atmosphere.

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            Its not too late. Picked up mom in Sturbridge Sunday and ate at Whistling Swan. Was just ok so looking for a new place for dropping mom off so Bro #1 can take her back to NJ. We're vacationing in midcoast Maine now...glorious.

          2. There is a place called Roms, which is just outside of Sturbridge one Rt 131 I believe. Its about 1 mile to the east from the rotary.