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Sep 1, 2006 05:34 PM

Good Restaurants in a 10-block radius of 30th and 3rd

We just moved to the neighborhood and are looking for fantastic food in the area at all price points, all ethnicities, etc. Thank you!

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  1. If you do a search for Murray Hill or Gramercy, you'll get a lot of recs. Some of my favorites are Ali Baba (34th between 2d and 3d), Ethos (3d between 33d and 34th), and Penelope (31st and Lex).

    1. Vezzo- For great thin crust pizza
      Artisinal- nice bar, cheese, and a nice brunch place
      Les Halles- steak frites
      Park Avenue Bistro- again a nice place with great food
      Noodles on 28th- great dumplings

      1. its a good food area. I like pizza 33 for just good, normal slices. Mishima for sushi (32nd and lex) - just went last night. Blue smoke on 27th and park has awesome barbecue. Sophies is good, cheap cuban food - 2 locations 34th and madison and 40th and lexington. also steaks at wolfgangs are supposed to be very good. enjoy the new digs

        1. For burgers:
          Waterfront Ale House

          for French Bistro:
          Park Bistro

          for Indian:
          Saravanaas (vegetarian)
          Curry Leaf (takeout)
          Pongal (vegetarian)
          Copper Chimney

          for sandwiches:
          Muhgiddarah (sp?) Sandwich from Kalustyan's
          Grilled Chicken Club from Penelope
          Chicken Meatball Sandwich from Penelope
          Penny Egg Sandwich from Penelope
          Chicken Parmigiano sandwich from Bistango

          that should get you started...

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   options pretty much stink in the nabe. Though Vezzo is pretty good if you get a bunch of toppings.

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              That's mujadara at Kalustyan's. I get it by the container, rather than as a sandwich. It's great!

              Many good recommendations here. I'll add Bao Noodles, between 22nd and 23rd Sts. on 2nd Av. I know there's been some criticism that the place is not authentic (I think it's supposed to be somewhat of a Vietnamese/French fusion) and perhaps not that good, but I've had several very satisfying meals there.

              11 Madison Park at 24th St. and Madison is slightly past your 10-block radius but well worth your consideration (caveat: I haven't been there yet since Chef Humm was hired, but I've been hearing and reading so many raves and liked the place before that, anyway).

            2. So many great places, many already mentioned. Here are some more:

              La Petite Auberge -

              Cosette -

              Turkish Kitchen -

              Bamiyan -

              Bao Noodles -

              Carl's Steaks -

              Sarge's Deli -

              I Trulli & Inoteca -

              Trio -

              AQ Cafe -

              Byblos -

              Ethos, 3rd, b/t 33rd & 34th - Greek (Menu on menupages


              Choice Kitchen and Cocktails (New - I haven't tried it yet.) -

              Lexie, Welcome to the neighborhood and Bon Appetit!