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Good Restaurants in a 10-block radius of 30th and 3rd

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We just moved to the neighborhood and are looking for fantastic food in the area at all price points, all ethnicities, etc. Thank you!

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  1. If you do a search for Murray Hill or Gramercy, you'll get a lot of recs. Some of my favorites are Ali Baba (34th between 2d and 3d), Ethos (3d between 33d and 34th), and Penelope (31st and Lex).

    1. Vezzo- For great thin crust pizza
      Artisinal- nice bar, cheese, and a nice brunch place
      Les Halles- steak frites
      Park Avenue Bistro- again a nice place with great food
      Noodles on 28th- great dumplings

      1. its a good food area. I like pizza 33 for just good, normal slices. Mishima for sushi (32nd and lex) - just went last night. Blue smoke on 27th and park has awesome barbecue. Sophies is good, cheap cuban food - 2 locations 34th and madison and 40th and lexington. also steaks at wolfgangs are supposed to be very good. enjoy the new digs

        1. For burgers:
          Waterfront Ale House

          for French Bistro:
          Park Bistro

          for Indian:
          Saravanaas (vegetarian)
          Curry Leaf (takeout)
          Pongal (vegetarian)
          Copper Chimney

          for sandwiches:
          Muhgiddarah (sp?) Sandwich from Kalustyan's
          Grilled Chicken Club from Penelope
          Chicken Meatball Sandwich from Penelope
          Penny Egg Sandwich from Penelope
          Chicken Parmigiano sandwich from Bistango

          that should get you started...

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            Also...pizza options pretty much stink in the nabe. Though Vezzo is pretty good if you get a bunch of toppings.

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              That's mujadara at Kalustyan's. I get it by the container, rather than as a sandwich. It's great!

              Many good recommendations here. I'll add Bao Noodles, between 22nd and 23rd Sts. on 2nd Av. I know there's been some criticism that the place is not authentic (I think it's supposed to be somewhat of a Vietnamese/French fusion) and perhaps not that good, but I've had several very satisfying meals there.

              11 Madison Park at 24th St. and Madison is slightly past your 10-block radius but well worth your consideration (caveat: I haven't been there yet since Chef Humm was hired, but I've been hearing and reading so many raves and liked the place before that, anyway).

            2. So many great places, many already mentioned. Here are some more:

              La Petite Auberge - http://www.lapetiteaubergeny.com

              Cosette - http://www.cosette-bistro.com

              Turkish Kitchen - http://www.turkishkitchenny.com

              Bamiyan - http://www.baminyan.com

              Bao Noodles - http://www.baonoodles.com

              Carl's Steaks - http://www.carlssteaks.com

              Sarge's Deli - http://www.sargesdeli.com

              I Trulli & Inoteca - http://www.itrulli.com

              Trio - http://triorestaurant.citysearch.com/

              AQ Cafe - http://www.aquavit.org

              Byblos - http://www.byblosnyc.com

              Ethos, 3rd, b/t 33rd & 34th - Greek (Menu on menupages


              Choice Kitchen and Cocktails (New - I haven't tried it yet.) - http://www.choicekitchennyc.com

              Lexie, Welcome to the neighborhood and Bon Appetit!

              1. I'll second the recommendation for Waterfront Ale House on 2nd and 30th. Great food (not just the burgers), interesting specials, excellent fish and chips, and a very good beer list.

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                  I had the venison and black bean chili there the other day. Needs a little salt (to my taste, venison usually does) but once that's taken care of, it's different and very tasty, especially with a nice, hoppy beer.

                2. AQ Cafe
                  58 Park Ave at 38th St

                  90 Madison Ave at 29th

                  564 3rd Ave at 38th

                  1. Da Ciro, on Lexington between 33rd and 34th.
                    Try the Robiola pizza, it's outstanding,
                    so are the pastas, etc etc. There's a wood burning
                    oven; no attitude, friendly. Downstairs sometimes
                    gets loud. I think they are closed this
                    weekend, open again next week.
                    One of the best in the neighborhood.

                    1. Benjamin's on 33rd and 2nd is my absolute favorite. It's where I go if I want to be sure that I have a nice meal in a nice atmosphere. It's a friendly place with a lot of regulars. I have yet to have a bad meal there.

                      I second Penelope for weekend brunch (but get there early, lines from quickly) and Ali Baba.

                      I live on Umi Sushi on 31 between Park and Lex for cheap take out sushi. To stay in it's OK, but lacking atmosphere.
                      There's good authentic Tibetan food at Tibetan kitchen at 31 and 3rd. A lot of tables in a small space though...

                      Welcome to the neighborhood!

                      1. Rare is definitely great for Burgers

                        Rio Grande still makes good frozen drinks and quite decent Mexican Don't go on Thursday night if you want dinner - Pick up night

                        Penelope is a cute neighborhood place.

                        Da Ciro's for the Robiola Foccacio- OMG- so rich, but delicious

                        Artisinal- upscale for anything Cheese dish

                        Wolfgangs- Good steaks, but extremely crowded.

                        El Pote for Spanish food- 38th and 2nd.

                        Great take out chicken- Chicken Place- 3rd Ave between 38th and 39th.

                        1. also there are a ton of korean restaurants on 35th just east of macy's ..my favorite is han bat & i think it's open 24 hours

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                            Yes it is, as are most of the others. Good thinking.

                          2. Thank you all for your suggestions!! I'll write back with my findings...

                            1. when i worked in the area, i really liked lamazou, a small shop with good meats and cheeses, and great soups and sandwiches. it's on 27th st and 3rd ave.

                              noodles on 28 has pretty good dumplings, with good sesame sauce. and the basil vegetarian duck is good.

                              1. If you are in the mood for a cheesesteak you have to go to
                                Carls Steaks

                                1. Thank you all for your suggestions. My findings:

                                  I love the Koreatown suggestion. My favorite now is Gahm Mi Oak, where they cut the kimchee right at the table.

                                  Turkish Kitchen was excellent.

                                  Cosette was fine, but I don't think I would rush back.

                                  Country was excellent, but very expensive for what it is.

                                  Bao Noodles is great for noodles, though I found the papaya salad very disappointing. We now order in noodles, though, very often.

                                  I still haven't tried AQ Cafe, though it's a great suggestion and I look forward to trying it.

                                  Our favorite Indian in the neighborhood is now Chennai Garden, which serves wonderful dosas and an incredible lunch buffet for $6.95!!

                                  Artisanal is also excellent.

                                  Again, thank you all for your help.

                                  1. Thanks for reporting back, Lexie. Nice to hear that, overall, you're satisfied with the places you've tried thus far.

                                    With regard to Country, do check out the Cafe at Country. Excellent food and decidedly less expensive.


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                                      I second Cafe at Country ... had a lovely Friday leisurely lunch there at the end of the summer. Great food, v. professional food & wine service and, as RGR says, less expensive (though by no means cheap) than Country itself.

                                    2. I agree with Bao Noodles, it's on 22nd and 2nd, but worth the extra distance and they'll most likely deliver to you!

                                      Penelope's is great too, even for dinner, but tends to get crowded quickly.

                                      Just went to Choice on 27th and 3rd for brunch--it wasn't amazing, but for $14.95, it definitely had a decent menu...great place to meet friends.

                                      1. My favorites:

                                        -Lunch/brunch special bento box at Iron Sushi (3rd and 31st) for $7.50
                                        -Bamiyan's amazing Middle Eastern food (26th and 3rd)
                                        -Huge butter dosais at Chennai Garden (26th nd 3rd) for $8
                                        -Penelope for brunch - big scones, good deals
                                        -Woo ri jip deli in Koreatown on W 32nd for cheap and yummy take home jap chae noodles
                                        -Kunjip at 9 W 32nd in Koreatown for amazing Korean food. Prior to this I didn't think there was such a thing as gourmet Korean food.
                                        -Tre Pomodoro on 3rd and 37th has great sandwiches w/ prosciutto for cheap
                                        -Sarge's deli (3rd and 36-37th) has a stellar matzoh ball soup and good beef wellington. Heaping portions too.

                                        You can also check out www.menupages.com for restaurants in Murray Hill and see their menus online.

                                        Unfortunately I have yet to find quality Chinese or Vietnamese food in the area, so I head down to Chinatown on the M15 to get my fix (and shop at Trader Joe's.


                                        The other thing I haven't found in my 1.5 years here is a good bakery/patisserie with flaky croissants and tarts. Yet there are dunkin donuts every 2 blocks. Anyone know of a good place? (But not the bakery on 2nd and 26th, I don't remember the name but I haven't liked any of my purchases from them.)

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                                          Do you mean the bakery on the corner of *3rd* & 26th? The name also escapes me. Just the way the baked goods look -- not very appealing -- would discourage me from ever buying anything.

                                          It's a bit of a trek, but you might want to try Musette, the French patisserie, on 3rd, near 19th St.


                                          For Vietnamese, have you tried Bao Noodles? I think the food is very good, and if you're willing to go to Bamiyan, Bao is not all that far from there, on 2nd, just off 23rd.

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                                            Chez Laurence on East 38th at Madison has the perfect flakey croissants you seek. Perfect "crack" on the outside, soft and buttery inside. May be a tad much of a trip for where you are, but I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Great pastries too, but make sure you get the ones done on the premises. The restaurant recently changed ownership and for some reason is now incorporating some items from Balthazer in with their on-the-premises made pastries. I don't know why as theirs are far superior. I also love their homemade chocolate dipped cookies w/jam filling - yum!

                                          2. The one time I had a croissant at Chez Laurence, I found it very disappointing. However, that was under the old ownership. Do you think there's any difference between those and the ones under the current ownership?

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                                              RGR, I'm surprised. There was a short period where the pastry chef was on vacation and they were shipping in their croissants from Balthazer and they were not very good. Also, some days, when the weather is very wet and humid, I was told the croissants sometimes don't rise as well, something I wouldn't know about since I'm not a baker.

                                              But no, the pastry chef is still the same as the one under the old ownership and the croissants I think are some of the best in the city. And I'd say 99.9% of the time, I've only had perfection there.

                                              1. re: sivyaleah

                                                As a rule, we do not do breakfast in NYC, so that one time at Chez Laurence was unusual for us. Sounds as though we just hit it on a (rare) bad croissant day.

                                                1. re: RGR

                                                  That's too bad if you hit it on a "bad" day. I eat there nearly every day for breakfast, and a lot of lunches - my office is down the block. I think I'm one of those people who helped put the former owner's son through college :-(

                                            2. For great Tuscan Italian, including some of the best fries to be had in the city (I know!), Beppe on 22nd, just west of Park.

                                              - Sean

                                              1. I have to disagree with the suggestion for Da Ciro, on Lexington between 33rd and 34th. I just ate there recently - and granted, I've only eaten there once, so maybe they had an off day - but my pasta dish was incredibly salty, so much so that it was totally inedible. I've never been served such a salty dish in a restaurant. Two of my dining companions also said their dishes were so salty as to be barely edible as well.
                                                On the other hand, I've had consistently good meals and good service at Penelope.