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Sep 1, 2006 05:29 PM

Exploring South San Gabriel and North Montebello

I am going to find myself in the south San Gabriel, north Montebello area a lot in the next few weeks due to family illness. I will only have about an hour to getaway each day and I’d like to explore the south San Gabriel Blvd. corridor and environs, just north of the 60. Neighborhood chow for a midday respite is all I need. I love just about all spicey foods, I am a 'hound, but Chung King-hot-spicey was even a bit much for my Mexican palate.

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  1. Now and then, Rio's Pizza is just what I need. It's on the corner of Beverly and Montebello, in an outbuilding of a plain-Jane strip mall, across from a drive-thru dairy barn.

    Two blocks east of Rosemead and Garvey is El Taco Nazo, with terrific fish and shrimp tacos (and those addictive fried chiles de aji!), and right next door is My Hanh Vietnamese, my vote for best bun (er, a rice-vermicelli bowl, not a bolillo, heh) in the SGV.

    On Del Mar and Garvey is China Islamic restaurant -- order "thin scallion bread" as soon as you sit down, and then get anything with lamb in it.

    1. J&S is a hole-in-the-wall place that's been serving delicious burritos and hard shell tacos for over 40 years!
      887 N. Garfield Ave, Montebello (just south of 60 fwy).

      Manna for good Korean bbq.
      2101 San Gabriel Blvd, Rosemead (x=Potrero Grande).

      1. A little bit south of the 60 on the northwest corner of Beverly and Wilcox next to Bally's is Raphael's Mexican restaurant. Their food is very good especially the chile verde. Then, north of the 60 on the corner of Garfield and Riggin is Shakkas, a Hawaiian style restaurant. On Portrero Grande across from the Resurrection Cemetery in a mini strip mall is Ono Grill, another Hawaiian style restaurant that is good. Down a short distance, going north, is a branch of El Tepeyac. Across from J & S on Garfield just south of the 60 is a new Italian restaurant Mondo Piccolo. I've only been there once and it was good. A few doors down is Ordonez Mexican restaurant. Good menudo. On Wilcox just south of the 60 is Happy Family Chinese. It is good also, not fabulous but good. And across from that is a Thai restaurant in the Bank of American shopping center. Also right in the corner of this center is El Zarape, a very good Mexican restaurant (soft tacos etc).

        1. Interesting food court in the 99 Ranch Market mall at San Gabriel Bl. and Garvey. Frankly I'm not sure what's there right now with all the turnover, but one favorite was East Dumpling King which had several interesting varities of dumplings, including an egg with tomato dumpling.

          1. TACOS DE BAJA ENSENADA (Shrimp and Fish Combo taco)
            El TEPEYAC (Chicken Taquito)
            MI INDIA BONITA (Albondigas)
            NBC (Dim Sum)
            LAKE SPRING (Pork Pump, House Special Shrimp, Garlic Scallops, Orange Peel Chicken).