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Zip Fusion

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Meeting a friend for dinner there tonight. What do you like? TIA!

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  1. I always like the tempura sushi. If you can, sit in the back patio. After Sushi Gen, this is my favorite sushi place in the Little Tokyo area.

    1. I like their yellowtail collar and the sashimi salad is delicious. Pretty big portions too, i might add.

        1. What in the world is tempura sushi? Sounds like a contradiction in terms.

          I have only eaten at Zip once, but it strikes me as one of those places that specializes in elaborate rolls rather than sushi per se.

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          1. Seaweed Salad, awesome!

            1. I had a full and delicious sashimi salad, which surprised me - most Japanese fusion places aren't that generous. As expected, their rolls are tempura fried, colorful, innovative and mod. I've eaten too many of those, but it appeals to many people, like my friend. By the way, I went to the west la location, which is in the convention center plaza near sawtelle. It's much more modern than the one in downtown, and one of the servers also acts as a dj.