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Sep 1, 2006 05:15 PM

need LA recs and advice


I are off to a friends wedding in west LA in a few months. I thought a case of mixed wines, one to be opened each year on their anniversary would be a nice gift. As each wine would be cellared for different lenths time I have no idea where to start. One of the couple is from Australia, one is from LA, so a mix of wines from each country would be nice....

I dont know anything about wine, but my sister had a friend give her this and it was her favourite wedding present!!

Any suggestions of where we could find a retailer who could help with this in LA, we are flying in so dont know the area very well...


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  1. Probably the first concern that I would have, would be the availability to properly store the wines for the extended period of time necessary.

    Next, would be your budget. Some of the wines that will store and drink well over the next twelve, or so, years, are likely to be a bit expensive. As an example, some of the OZ Shiraz wines, like Penfold's Grange are ~US$250/btl. Long-lived CA Cabs, like the Diamond Creek (four single-vineyard products in many years, with the Lake being done less often than the other three) are in the ~US$150/btl. range. Any of these will easily last (properly stored) for the time frame.

    Unfortunately, I do not have an LA rec. but K&L Wines ( in the SF Area could help nicely. I am sure that there are retailers, just as qualified, in LA.

    It's a very nice gesture on your part, and a gift that will bring back fond memories of you, with each year. I've done similar for great friends, who were married in '85. Since this was an excellent year for CA Cabs and for Vintage Ports, I've been able to bring up gifts from my cellar for all significant anniversaries.

    Wait for the LA recs. as I'm sure they will be plentiful.


    1. I'd strongly suggest looking for another gift.

      To begin with, Hunt is absolutely correct: a bottle with prospective long (i.e., 12 years) life will cost in the 3 digits range. Times 12 for a case, you are well into the thousands.

      Then is the issue of storage. LA is hot, and on top of that, people here just LOVE heating. Living room temperatures seldom go below 75. Keeping fine bottles at room temperature is akin to a crime. Unless your friends are wine aficionados, they won't have proper storage for your gift.

      1. I have done this for friends as wedding gifts. For modern tastes, I think it's better to modify the gift so that the maturities are over a 5 year period. You include two bottles of champagne to be consumed immediately on the honeymoon. Then two bottles for each of the next 5 years, one for the anniversary and a spare.

        1. how much are you wanting to spend? This sounds like a lot--I think quality is better then quanity. There are so many options in LA. Mel and Rose has some nice selections, Bev Mo' probably has a larger selection, but maybe not as sopisticated.

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