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Sep 1, 2006 05:12 PM

Looking for a restaurant/diner with room for 20+

My group generally meets twice a month, usually on a Sunday. I'm looking for a space where we can all meet and socialize, maybe conduct some group business, and receive separate checks. Good food would be an added bonus!
Midtown (preferred, but not essential) near a subway stop would be ideal!

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  1. Meltemi on First Avenue and 49th, or around there.

    1. Orsay (75th & Lex) restaurant has a nice room that accomadates upto 60. The food has improved tremendously since Jason Hicks took over the kitchen. It is very near the 77th st. stop on the six line. Not really cheap but they have an event planner you can talk to. I am not sure about seperate checks.

      1. The separate checks thing will be really annoying to any place you go, perhaps a diner but you won't be all seated together.


          Food is inexpensive. They may give you the space in the back.