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Sep 1, 2006 04:51 PM

Recommendation for Oakville

Need a recommendation for a restaurant in Oakville. We're working on a project here, and plan is to go out next week for dinner. I live in Toronto, and don't have a clue what's in Oakville. Client would like something on the water. Good food, and not too formal.

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  1. Its a while (a few years) since I've been but when I lived in Kingston I made a few trips to Oakville to see relatives. On two very memorable occasions we went to Jonathan's on Thomas Street and it was fabulous. Not on the water though. But still if you don't find somehwere on the lake it would be a good bet. It was on the formal side but not stuffy or over the top. A less formal one would be The Rude Native, which I remember being very good.
    Hope this helps.

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      If the Rude Native in Oakville is anything like the one in Waterloo, the quality decreased over the years and the prices increased.

    2. I moved out of Oakville several years ago but still go back regularly. To my knowledge there are very few restaurants "on the water" (if any). I know that there used to be a nice seafood restaurant called Stoneboats overlooking Bronte Harbour in the west end of town. I heard from a friend that they will be closing/may have already closed and condos are getting built on that site.

      Here's a link, you may want to phone and check if they're still around.

      The downtown section of Oakville has tons of options, but they are all on the main street (Lakeshore Blvd.) which is actually several blocks north of the lake.

      1. Right on the water: I think it's called Lighthouse Restaurant in Bronte.

        They have an indoor air-conditioned area but the patio is also nice in the summer - as long as it's not windy. Our patio umbrella flew up and crashed onto our table, breaking my plate and sending my husband's burger on to his lap. No one was hurt but there was no communication at all from the wait staff or management about a replacement to our meal since we had just started eating.

        1. There are no good restaurants on the water in Oakville.
          Traditional fine dining- Olivers, Jonathons.
          Modern, edgier fine dining: (and my current fav) Thyme.

          1. Was at Jonathan's for a business group lunch recently. I'd recommend it (though it is not on the water).

            Food was well prepared & presented, though not adventurous. It was a limited set menu with choices (steak, fish, pasta), service excellent. I think they are used to hosting businesses and the space is nice because it feels like a converted mansion, with many different rooms so you can have privacy if needed. I would not call it "trendy": it is conservative but not stuffy, sort of like "if-Restoration-Hardware-became-a-restauant", but that's not a bad thing. It works well for a business lunch.