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Sep 1, 2006 04:32 PM

lunch near the arboretum [SEA]

Visting from NY, spending the morning and afternoon at the arboretum tomorrow. Probably taking the bus up Madison from downtown or a taxi to the visitor center. From the visitor center, we may walk up to MOHAI and then maybe back down to Madison again.

I've searched this site for lunch recs, but most of the University district seems like a pretty long walk from the arboretum. Am I wrong about this?

Have already eaten at Matt's, Seven Stars Pepper, Union, Salumi, Pho Bac, Tamarind Tree, and Elliott's. Nishino's webpage lists a a 5:30 pm opening time, and I am really looking for lunch.

Any cuisine is fine as long as the food is great! Is it possible to get a great lunch in a 1 to 1.5 hour break from the arboretum -- we want to continue our tour of the arboretum after lunch. Thanks!

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  1. Ceb, Cactus in Madison park has excellent, Sante Fe style food. There is also a new French Bistro open for lunch. It's almost directly across from Rover's but I can't recall the name.

    1. cafe flore (very upmarket vegetarian cuisine) is just a stroll down madison from the arboretum

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. Mapquest lists Cactus as two miles from the arboretum. I think this might be a bit far for a quick lunch. But the menu did look good. How are their fish tacos?

        I searched for the French Bistro. Is it Voila? If so, they don't open till 5:30 pm.

        Cafe Flora looked good too, but it seems like they may only have brunch until 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday. I suppose brunch may be okay, but I was hoping for a real lunch menu.

        Any more suggestions please?

        1. I think Walters is referring to Saint Germain, newly opened by the owners of Voila.

          I love having lunch at Cactus (the fish tacos are great) but I'm not certain it's open for lunch on the weekends, so if you decide to go, you should double-check.. In addition to the recommendations already made, I also would recommend the Essential Bakery, just a block or two west of Saint Germain and Cafe Flora (delicious soups, salads and sandwiches). I believe Cafe Flora's brunch menu has some nice lunchy things too.

          1. you'll probably need to eat in madison valley ... and i'm sorry to report the pickings are slim but if you felt a bit more ambitious i recommend two places .. brunch at monsoon (on 19th just above the arboretum so get off the bus a bit early) or you could wander over to the university district farmers market, which is lovely in it's own right & then eat at the indian restaurant directly across the ave from the market .. pretty nice buffet .. otherwise you'll be eating at essential bakery on madison and they have OK sandwiches & mediocre salads