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Sep 1, 2006 04:10 PM

Frozen Burger Patties - OMAHA Steaks?!?!

I know I should really buy and ground my own but since I am working full time and I rarely ever get home before 8pm, I would really like to buy some frozen burgers to keep in the freezer and take out occasionally for a treat. I was looking on Omaha steaks and burger and they have a pretty good deal for 8 (5oz.) burgers for $13. Did anyone try them or could recommend another place to buy some frozen patties??


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  1. I just bought a lot of stuff from Omaha steaks and got extra burgers as part of the deal. Had them the other night for dinner and they were very good.

    1. For what you pay for 8 5oz burgers at Omaha, you could make 15 good size burgers with good ground beef (Costco, for example). Wrap patties and freeze. That way you have a choice of meat quality. $5 per pound is a bit high for burgers.

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        Unless they're buffalo burgers, which I find so much tastier than beef burgers. If you can find a butcher that carries ground buffalo, it's well worth $5 or 6 a pound. Make your own patties and freeze.

        If you're going with beef, I'm with OldTimer in thinking it's a waste to pay Omaha for beef patties. A lot of your money is going to forming to patties and packaging them for shipping. You could pay the same amount and get a fresher, local product that you just have to shape into patties yourself.

      2. My parents buy Omaha steaks and often get tons of free boxes of those burgers, which they've given to me before. I have a couple of boxes in the freezer still I think. They were really really disappointing. Personally I'd save your money and either buy the meat and freeze the patties yourself, or even just buy the pre-formed ones in the meat dept. at the supermarket.

        1. I found that all the meat I've gotten from Omaha Steaks is disappointing. I always make my own burgers--sometimes with "mix-ins" like gorgonzola or bacon (cooked and chopped) and cheddar. Somuch better, really.

          1. I greatly recommend Nancy Silverton's blend for hamburgers. Here in Los Angeles, one of the butcher's in Farmer's Market ( Huntington Meats) at 3rd and Fairfax keeps this blend in stock.

            Here's her recipe -- ask your butcher to make this blend. it's amazing.

            "Ask the butcher to coarsely grind 2 3/4 pounds of prime chuck (10% to 15% fat) with 4 to 6 ounces of prime sirloin fat (the combination should have 20% to 28% fat total)"