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Sep 1, 2006 03:43 PM

Best Beef Dip Style Sandwich in Los Angeles (Long-ish)

I find that the meat on the majority of beef dip style sandwiches in Los Angeles is bland and tasteless. Most times these sandwiches are augmented by an over salty au jus to supplement the sandwich meat shortcomings. Even Phillipes in my opinion serves up a boring roast beef (don't do the lamb or pork). I slather on the mustard sauce to make these sandwiches tolerable when I do eat there with friends. The best roast beef dip style sandwich I've had was from Weilers Deli on Victory in Woodland Hills, but this was brisket meat. Traditional beef dips are prime rib, rump roast or another cut (I think). So...who has the best roast beef dip in Los Angeles in your opinion, and what are the best cuts of beef when purchasing your ultimate dip sandwich?

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  1. Bandera in WLA has my favorite French dip in LA. It is made with their prime rib and served with great fries. Houston's makes a similar FD, but the bread is not as good and soft as the Bandera version.

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      Bandera or Houston's is the Best in our book. But it's hardly fair considering it's Prime Rib and costs about 15-, and worth it!

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        i agree. we used to go and order the burger at the bar at houston's, then noticed every had a french dip. we're very careful to order our app first (spinach dip). then when we're almost done, order the french dip with horseradish and cole slaw. sometimes that dip comes out too fast and if you wait, you don't get that nice crunch from the underbelly of the bread. we were constantly struggling with the dip getting cold or the dip getting soggy. solved. order them separately.

    2. Eastside Market is very good although an Italian twist on the classic french dip:

      A Mike's Special on a french roll at Mike's Hockey Burger on Soto and Washington is pretty good as well.

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        I would agree with you about Eastside. Their Italian rendition of the beef dip is great.

      2. Canter's still does an excellent beef dip. I only eat the lamb dips at Phillipes. I alternate between brisket & tri-tip as favorite meat for making Dips at home.

        1. 322 (322 Sierra Madre Bl.) in Sierra Madre has an Italian beef dip that's very good at around $8. Also has a small, but nice patio with spectacular mountain views. BJ's also has a good dip sandwich with red onions.

          1. along with houston's, we like the prime rib or brisket sandwich at the Tam O' Shanter sandwich bar on los feliz blvd.

            they had carve it in front of you. if you really want to dip, ask for au jus on the side. you can order it up with a nice pint (or yard, if you choose) of guiness. with their creamed horseradish lathered on, it's fantastic.

            served with sides of coleslaw with peanuts and pickled beets.